“My Wish is for Someone to See This and Stop the Madness.”


I got out of prison on March 29, 2013. I went to the Ben Reed facility and three-quarter house. During the family session with Dr. Nicholas Ed, he began to bully my wife by saying, “If you truly loved your husband, you’d follow my orders and be here in Houston one time a month.” He didn’t care that she didn’t have a job or money. He said, “You better find a way, or I’ll cut off contact.” That was in 2013. 

So, I had to get an illegal cell phone at the halfway house. In 2015. I came to the TCCC after being told by the Houston TCCO case managers and one TCCO supervisor that I’d be going home after a 30-90-day evaluation. At TCCC I was allowed to call anyone. So, I called my wife until TCCC put blocks on the phones. I talked to her and she said I know you’re coming home soon so I bought your favorite stuff to eat, and I really love and miss you.                                                  

I never got to fulfill her dream that she had even as a little girl. I’ve known her since 1962 and all she ever wanted in life was to be with me. We finally married in 2005 and she died one week after our 13th anniversary on Oct 15th, 2018.                                                                                                           

In 2016 I was T3 and a resident told officials that I was planning to take control of the facility. I was locked up for an investigation for 9 days and released because the accusations were found to be false. However, I was still demoted by TCCO. They demoted me from T3 to T1. I was told I should be more open and honest. I believe the mental health experts that say civil commitment in TX is just like the board game Chutes and Ladders. One wrong roll of the dice and you’re out of there.                                                                                                                              

In 2017, my wife was placed in a home because of her dementia due to Alzheimer’s. I didn’t find out about my wife’s death until November 2019. I found out my home had been sold for taxes on August 27, 2020, 13 months after my wife had died. I had pushed hard in 2018 to find out about her well-being and about my house. My TCCO case manager and my therapist said I was trying to manipulate them to gain control of the house.                                 

Now I am 65. I have no home, no family in TX and not much left in the way of hope.                                                                                                                                            

My wish is for someone to see this and stop the madness.

If you have a story to share, please click here: emptytccc@gmail.com

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