A Resident’s Pandemic Timeline

**This information was obtained from a resident in the facility. It is copied in its entirety.

MARCH 2020: Began a 23 hour lockdown to promote social distancing. This does not include reduction in group size or frequency. Visitation discontinued completely. 3 hours twice a week (12 residents and 1 therapist in a 18×24 ft. room) no divders or barriers.

APRIL 2020: M.T.C. ordered resident barbers to cease hair cutting and begin duties as cleaning crew. Entire Admin staff exposed to a Covid positive person. No extra protection for residents. (2 week staff isolation) M.T.C. acquired homemade two layer masks from TDCJ and oredered residents to wear only these masks. Complaints made to staff concerning the idea that we cannot attend rec(reation) because distance issuse, but we are forced into crowded halls and crowded rooms for group. Complaints ignored.

MAY 2020: Discontinued cleaning crew. 23 hour lockdown continues, only 1 hour for outside rec(reation). Outside food purchases suspended for residents. Staff still able to order food delivery. Veteran evaluations for medical benefits denied, reasons are completely vague.

JUNE 2020: Complaints about isolation of residents go unattended and largely ignored by therapists.

JULY 2020: All above condition continue. All traffic of residents is staggered to prevent interaction. Texas Tech decides to cease medical services at T.C.C.C. effective Sept. 1, 2020. Complaints about a resident suicide reported to ABC (KAMC) news anchor. Her response was, “I want something more.” Work begins on extra housing (3 house trailers).

AUGUST 2020: 23 hour lockdown continues. Full size groups continue. No visitation rule continues, 1 hour of rec(reation), 1 dorm at a time continues. Staff began isolating what turned out to be 62 residents, all kitchen staff. Due to kitchen staff member reporting testing positive for Covid-19.

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