“The specifics of the Littlefield story should horrify the community”

TODO Austin: April 5, 2018, Cate Graziani, Grassroots Leadership


I hate to say we told you so. In this case, I really, really hate it.

An exposé in the Texas Observer in the month of February confirmed everything we feared about the Treatment Industrial Complex (TIC), a term we use to describe private prison companies’ scheme to expand their revenue by exploiting new markets in healthcare, treatment, and re-entry.

After the last legislative session, Texas lawmakers awarded Correct Care (formerly GEO Care), a company with deep roots in the prison industry, a contract to run a civil commitment center in West Texas. The decision was quite a shock because Grassroots Leadership had been advocating against Correct Care since 2012 and had helped thwart their attempts to take over two state psychiatric hospitals. This time around, the contract was kept under wraps and politics and profit won over safety and justice.

Like Grassroots Leadership’s 2016 research into the Treatment Industrial Complex, this new report about the Littlefield Civil Commitment Center is a warning about an insidious trend in mass incarceration. I hope I don’t have to say I told you so again.”

Read the whole story by clicking on the link below:

SOURCE: http://todoaustin.com/2018/04/things-are-just-as-bad-as-we-feared-at-a-civil-commitment-center-in-texas/

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