They Don’t Care

I have a nephew that is in Littlefield! He has been in this facility for a very long time! He was sent there for rehabilitation and to be released. He has went through a lot of turmoil since being there. The justice system has wronged him in so many ways, in my opinion this facility does not care about these men, and is not helping them to be released into society! 

Written by a Family Member of a Current Resident at TCCC

5 thoughts on “They Don’t Care

  1. It’s frustrating, because family members feel alone or helpless. Most of do not have money to hire attorneys, but honestly I don’t think that would help. It’s the law that has to change. Uhg,

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    1. You’re correct, it is the laws that have to change. However, a good way to start that change is to draw attention to the injustice of those laws. We can do that by reporting what’s going on in Littlefield to the NAACP and other organizations. On the website ( there are two organizations, besides NAACP, listed to help low-income families with legal help. One is It’s justice for low income families. It’s a form of ACLU. The other one is Texas Southern Poverty Law Center. Also on the website, there is a woman from the Lubbock branch of the NAACP that I have been working with.
      It’s a start.


  2. Our son is now 25 years, 9 months into a 20 year prison sentence. How many have been rehabbed and released in 21 years? The whole Civil Commitment program is a sham, just a way to prolong sentences of men who have served all of their original criminal sentence!


    1. This is the problem with the system. What is the point of paying your debt to society if there is never an end? Saddens us that people are not given the second chance they deserve after serving their sentences. Truly unjust!


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