GUEST BLOG: Segment 1

I don’t want to ride the coattails of any political movements taking place now, but the point is, ALL LIVES! MATTER!  It’s hard to know where to start in blogging about one of the biggest shams in recent history.  Because there is so much information, I’m going to break it down into segments every few weeks, under the moniker “ALM 300”, (All Lives Matter).  

In 2015, when Civil Commitment was coming under fire, legislators threw together a program and labeled it “Treatment” in order to pull the wool over the eyes of courts, judges, juries, and the public.  They made up a word, “Behavioral Abnormality” which has absolutely no clinical significance and is listed nowhere in the DSM 5, nor is it even recognized by the American Association of Psychiatry.  The DSM, is the diagnostically statistical manual which is the holy grail of therapy and treatment. The condition suffered by a majority of those men consists of poor choices, self-centeredness, and even stupidity.  Don’t get me wrong, I whole heartedly believe in treatment and believe anyone who commits multiple sex offences should be in treatment, or at the very least counseling.

A little of my history: I am a first time offender with two sexual assaults and one attempted sexual assault.  I don’t discount or minimize the seriousness of what I did or the damage I caused by my offending.  I realized I needed help early into my 25 year sentence and requested it multiple times over the 25 years I was incarcerated and was told it was reserved for the more serious offenders, which I took to mean crimes against children, due to limited availability.  When they expanded the program, I was told “Parole had to put me into it.”  The problem was, I had served the 25 years day for day.  Therefore, I took steps to educate myself obtaining 5 college degrees including a Bachelor in Science with a major in Psychology and a minor in Business.  Also 3 vocational trades, Anger Management, Stress Management, Cognitive Interventions, Changes, multiple Chaplaincy programs, one geared for sex offenders, Substance Abuse, and I was enrolled in Alcoholics Anonymous for 22 years.  I volunteered for the Victim/Offender Mediation Program to learn empathy, and I wrote the Safer Society Project, requested and received treatment materials including books and workbooks that deals with sexual offending and why we offend, including undealt with childhood traumas, poor coping and emotional regulation, and power and control issues.

All of these things don’t make me an exceptional person, nor does it erase my past.  But, it does show a willingness to put in the work and change.  It does show a willingness to understand and manage my behavior and drinking, and to understand how I hurt those women and to insure it never happens again.  If I haven’t figured out those things after 29 years of incarceration, I never will.  I wish I could change the past and not because of the time behind bars.  A portion of it was deserved, utilized and effective in helping me to understand there are consequences to behavior, and that my behavior and choices damaged the victims, my family, myself and society as a whole. Further incarceration only causes hopelessness, loss, bitterness and resentment.  It’s counter-productive.  The longer I am locked up, the more difficult it becomes for me to adjust, adapt, and sustain myself; not to mention the fact that my support group and family is not going to live forever.

Sex offenders have the lowest recidivism rates of all offenders with the exception of murder.  It is 2-8%, whereas the overall re-incarceration rate is 65%.  The so-called “experts” know this.  And this is where the scare comes in.  The City Manager of Littlefield, TX, in 2015, said it best when he stated to the newspaper “Our goal has always been to get business back to our Littlefield Facility, create jobs and pay down our debt on the Bill Clayton Facility.”  He appropriately (or not) calls it a “business”.  MTC would have to agree, since they started losing clientele when TDCJ began downsizing and had started closing multiple prisons and no longer needed many of the private prisons.  These “for profit prisons” had to become creative as their main source of income was rapidly diminishing.  Legislators saw an opportunity to appear tough on crime while incarcerating a group of individuals most in society have no love for. There are a handful of unethical individuals in the psychiatric profession who have found a nice niche and built profitable careers evaluating for the state.  Seldom is an individual found to not have a “Behavioral Abnormality”, and if one is, another expert is called in.  One resident had 3 experts say he DOES NOT have a behavioral abnormality and yet over a year later HE IS STILL INCARCERATED.  His case manager recommended he get a lawyer; who can afford that??  AND why should we have to?  If the standards set forth by the Texas Supreme court in re: Bohannan, 2012 stated that to have a behavioral abnormality means having “an increased risk” to commit a sexually violent offense, not a mere probability to commit a sexual offense. If these evaluations all used these guidelines, most in here would be released, as age diminishes the likelihood that a person would re-offend – statistically.

Another slice of the sex offender financial pie goes to administrators in Austin.  I still haven’t figured out their function.  It seems they spend most days at home draining pay checks during the pandemic making arbitrary rules that have absolutely nothing to do with treatment and everything to do with retribution and punishment.

Polygraphs are also used against us and the company that does the polygraphs has the same name; 
“Gougler” as the 2nd of charge of TCCO.  I don’t think it is a coincidence.  They also get a slice of the pie using more junk sciences to further incarcerate us.  

Now what really motivated me to start blogging was yesterday when I was in the dayroom I noticed them putting up a commissary price list.  Hoping for new items; the only changes I saw were prices INCREASES, which were already appalling.  The Keefe Company has a nice little racket going supplying junk food at astronomical prices for the poorest segment of society.  There are a few jobs offered for upper tiers at minimum wage, on a 6 month rotation, for 8-30 hours per week depending on job, also subject to 33% fees which automatically goes to TCCO to pay for our forced treatment.  So we work for $4.25 an hour and pay .85 for a 3 ounce Ramen Soup that sells at Walmart for .20.  We can place orders with Walmart if we have family who can place the order, AND if they pay 33% of the total order to TCCO also.  Some people have received stimulus checks; TCCO took 33% of those as well.  TCCO said our families could send us face masks, which could potentially save our lives, but they want 33% of the cost of the masks also paid to TCCO, with receipts for proof of costs.  If we don’t pay the 33%, we will not move forward and if we owe 33% we will not receive another package until it is paid.  Still want to call this “treatment?”  Yeah, it’s treatment alright, substandard treatment.  Unfair treatment, a waste of resources and ironically, M.T.C. stands for Management Training Corporation.  In segment 2 of this blog, I’ll discuss their poor management, their lack of training, and the unethical practices of T.C.C.O.  

In later segments I’ll discuss PPGs, inability to keep qualified staff, therapists, and case managers, the lies perpetuated by T.C.C.O.  The bogus incident reports, medical inadequacies, demotions and firings due to a plethora of rule violations and sexual harassment, 7 months with no visits, outrageous phone calls, the work program, unhealthy conditions and the unsafe environment in food service, conflict of interest in choosing board members and T.C.C.O. staff, plus anything else that pops up in this sham program.  I’ll talk to you in the next segment, apx 2 weeks.

ALM 300

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