Here’s the latest fiasco my son called me about when he got up about 10AM.  First of all they have been in quarantine for weeks upon weeks, locked down in their rooms.  No recreation, no social connect, no therapy or group.  Around 10:00 AM yesterday, Nov. 4th when he got up the water was off.  No toilet flushing, no hand washing, no drinking water.  The staff would not tell them anything and when asked for drinking water, they had none because at one time they had some bottled water stored up, but decided to get rid of it because they needed the storage for something else.  When staff was asked when the water would be back on, all they would tell the residents is they didn’t know anything because they weren’t told either.  One officer even got ugly with one of the residents asking, stating they didn’t know and didn’t care.  Finally the water was back on at 3PM. Not sure exactly how long it was off because my son didn’t get up until 10AM.  It could have been off much longer for all we know.  This place just goes from bad to worse.  Thank you so much for your interest in shutting this horrible sham of a place down.

After spending approximately 1 million dollars on my re-nigged 25 year plea bargain agreement, $192,000 for the past 4 years of forced treatment, recent conclusion by my $250 an hour so called expert found I still have a behavioral abnormality and recommended to the court 2 more years with another evaluation at that time.  That’s approximately $288,000 to cure a non-existent condition with junk science.  

They say I am now a citizen with rights, hardy har har; so now as a citizen who pays taxes with a voice and voting rights.  I have to question why are my tax dollars being flushed down the toilet?  Everybody likes to shop, so let’s do a little comparison shopping.  When I was in prison it costs the state $22,000 a year.  After 25 years of rehabilitation and a great deal of progress, I now cost the state $48,000 plus.  This is really where I scratch my head.  This is what $22,000 a year bought you tax payers for the past 25 years: GED, Vocational Training, College Education, Psychiatric Services, A Chaplaincy Program with 2 fulltime Chaplains, services for Jewish, Christian, Muslim, and Catholic with a Faith Based Dorm and numerous volunteers.  A work program, an apprenticeship program, a substance abuse program, with a therapeutic dorm and A.A. with free world facilitators, numerous classes i.e. Changes, Cognitive Intervention, Anger Management, Stress Management, Depression Management.  They also had an on unit commissary with reasonable prices.  They had Craft Shops with Art, Leather and Woodworking, Victim Offender Mediation, P.I.E. (Paid Work Program) P.E.P. (Entrepreneurial), a Weight Lifting Program, Band and Choir.  The Chaplaincy Program sponsored numerous programs geared toward change and spiritual awareness, including a Theological Seminary-training incarcerated Chaplains to visit unit to unit, Bridges for Life – where inmates met with victims of violent crimes learning empathy and self-reflection, Kiaros, Juma, Authentic Quest for Manhood, Patterns of Prayer, AMMAUS Walks, Voyager, Grace for Addictions, PaPa Programs – Dealing with sex offences and childhood traumas, plus many other programs too numerous to list.  And, most importantly, a nine month and eighteen month sex offender treatment program required of all inmates who have committed sex offences.  I have participated in 90% of aforementioned programs.

All this for $22,000 per year; man what a bargain!  Now this is where the head scratching comes in.  This is what MTC and TCCO give the tax payers for $48,000 plus per year.  Side note: The average median individual wage for an American Citizen is $42,000 per year. We get group therapy which consists of residents meeting twice a week for 3 hours with a therapist who sits in taking notes while we discuss handouts given to us, with little or no input from the therapist unless we stick our foot in our mouth or complain about treatment.  Then it’s cataloged for all to see – HIPPA does not apply, unless our families want information.  They have a garden established with donated seats, they used to show us movies on Sunday, which the coaches paid for with their own funds, AA meetings that we facilitate, no Chaplain, but they have Church services on TV for us – which we can get the same thing on The Hillsong Channel.  We might get a one with a therapist every 3 months, and I stress might.  We have 1 broke down weight machine and 2 stationary bikes, softball equipment – some of which was donated by a Mayor of Littlefield at election time when he found out we can vote.  He also donated musical instruments – 4 more years – yea!  I am trying to think what else we get for $48 Grand – oh yeah – popcorn, sometimes they make popcorn for us; but lately the popcorn machine is being used as an incubator for baby plants.  Feeling ripped-off yet??  And I haven’t even mentioned the 33% TCCO collects from every single thing we get from facemasks, pens, notebooks, postage, to inheritances (one guy got $30,000 when his dad died and TCCO to $10,000).  His dad worked hard all his life and tried to leave his son something and TCCO stole it from him.  Never thought I’d be glad to be poor.  What does TCCO give us for $48,000 per year?  They are the extortionists, life enforcers for the Mafia.  They approve our packages, monitor who we contact, check our leg monitors (in a secured facility).  One guy wrote a book and donates all the profits (which aren’t much) to a non-profit that provides scholarships for victims of violent crimes.  And his case manager called him in one day and said, “I hear you wrote a book?”  All proud, the guy said, “Yeah”, and then was deflated when his case manager told him that he had checked Amazon and saw the guy recently sold 3 copies.  He then informed him that he was going to have to pay TCCO fees on the profits!  The resident makes $3.00 per book and 33% of $9.00 is $2.97!  And the guy tracking it down makes $18.00 per hour.  How bout we just fire him and let the kids go to school?  $18.00 to track down $3.00.  I am trying to figure out the physical sense in that.

Where is TCCO right now during the Corona?  They are at home, on-line shopping with your tax dollars, because they sure can’t supervise me or approve my package requests if they’re not her at the facility.

Some of the other profiteers (who I am sure are big campaign donors) including the Keefe Company who has been leeching off the poorest segment of society for decades.  $9.00 for a plastic pair of readers that costs $1 at Dollar General, Cokes are over $2, and .80 for a Ramen Soup.  The phone company that handles our calls to our families charges $3.15 for a 15 minute call.  If our family puts money on our phone account, they can only put $50 at a time and are charged a $16 administrative fee each time.  When a family member asked why she couldn’t put more on it at one time, to avoid the $16 fee every time, she was told it was to reduce fraud.  How she said that with a straight face was beyond me.

They have a full-time guy who administers PPGs – more junk science that is supposed to measure our arousal patterns.  The only thing being aroused is my suspicions. A therapist here said she would like to hook up the employees to a PPG and see how they respond.

Polygraphists are also paid to see if we are lying about anything.  One of the questions on my last polygraph was did I have any finances or bank accounts I haven’t told TCCO about and have I traffic and traded.   What does that have to do with sex offender treatment?  It would seem more pertinent to ask if I have deviant thoughts or other victims, but that doesn’t pay the bills. 

Now come the expert state witnesses who hold the keys to our freedom.  These unethical psychiatrists and psychologists rake in $250 per hour with a 2 hour minimum and do an average of 3 per day.  Their livelihoods depend on us being committed.  They make approximately $1,500 in a day to ask us questions they already know the answers and outcomes to.  Most MTC employees barely make more than that in a month, which brings to bare what a crummy company MTC is.  They don’t even take care of their own employees.  You can go to their website and read some employees’ reviews.  With 20 plus employees out on quarantine they are working the few they have left in the facility to death.  You would think they would be racking up overtime, but it’s actually more profitable for MTC to work their employees at overtime.  As most companies pay time and a half for overtime MTC has it backwards.  They’ve got a minus halftime program in place.  This Ponzi scheme works like this – they get paid every 2 weeks $14-$16 an hour, during that 2 weeks their overtime is calculated at regular pay for the first 20 hours and it reverts to minimum wage over 20 hours overtime.  They make $7.25 an hour after 20 hours overtime.

When Correct Care was here they had a full time psychiatrist, Dr. Williams, who was doing good things here and MTC dismissed her as an unnecessary expense, along with a counselor, Mr. Huey, who was an awesome counselor and did Anger Management and Life Skills classes.  Yippee we didn’t lose the popcorn. 

All these numbers get my head hurting but I think we all see the writing on the wall.  Legislators go into session in January 2021.  For the next 2 years, Marsha Mclain wants 35.8 million dollars to house and treat 375 men, 3 million for case growth, $740 thousand for medical, $70 thousand for case manager raises, $180 thousand for herself, and $200 thousand for new case managers in the community; which there are only 2 people in the community on Civil Commitment.  The next TCCO board meeting is February 5th, 2021.  Senator Witmire is the H.L.I.C. (Head Legislature in Charge) of this sham program that takes money out of your schools and at risk programs, while funding something that is bent on profiting at other peoples’ misery and pain.  They preach to us about empathy and forgiving ourselves, yet they can find no empathy or forgiveness within themselves. They laugh when we kill ourselves, minimize and justify our suffering, in the name of profit and public safety; while claiming to be able to predict the future.

This recent facility lockdown on the premise on “protecting us” should remove any doubt as to what this really is.  For 2 weeks we have lived in isolation with no time for sunshine, exercise or social interaction.  They are simply protecting their investment.  If one of us dies, they lose $30 thousand a year of their slice of the pie.  They don’t care about our comfort; they have us lying around in our bunks like invalids.  For 2 weeks, I have had to wash my socks and underwear in the shower, which they attempted to rectify by washing our clothes and bringing them back to us wet.  Most have no contact with their family since Covid started, visits were cut off 8 months ago; no phone calls unless you own a phone, which most don’t.  No therapy, just a mundane hopeless existence.  On that happy note stay tuned to Segment 3, Slime in the Ice Bucket – unsanitary, unsafe conditions in the kitchen and sexual harassment in the sex offender treatment facility.  Which brings up another point – don’t tell me how to live, show me.  God Bless anyone who reads this and cares.  Thank you for your support.

ALM 300

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