As you’re reading this, please try to remember, these men are NOT SUPPOSED TO BE PRISONERS. However, TCCO and MTC have taken men that finished their prison sentences and locked them inside a different prison in a different town. NOBODY IS DOING ANYTHING ABOUT IT…

The employee that talks to us so we will be informed said this- “On 11-13-20 Chief James Winckler ordered all volunteer cleaning of the pods to stop. The workers on each pod have not been paid and have been told to stop. The facility is dirty and full of trash, over-run with virus, and sickness is spreading to other areas”.

I talked to an employee of the facility a few days ago. I was told they are supposed to have 15 security officers during the day shift. I asked if MTC was still hiring officers from other facilities, but I was told no. So, I asked if they had enough security officers on staff to have 15 on the day shift and then 12 on the night shift. The employee I talked to said, “Not even close!”

The employee disclosed that they usually have around 4-5 guards for the day shift. How do 4 or 5 guards cover all those areas? The front door, crash gate, medical, 5 buildings, at least!

The residents are wanting to wash their bedding, but the Security Director, James Winckler, won’t allow it. They can take a shower, but they aren’t allowed to have clean bedding. They sit all day on their beds because they’re locked inside their cells. After more than 3 weeks without washing their blankets and sheets, they needs to be washed. The same employee described MTC as a “poorly run, shitty company”. The employee continued by saying the administration lies to the employees all the time. They continue to make them work like slaves. The employee stated, “This is so wrong right now, the lockdown”.

The latest report is that there are 57 cases of Covid inside the facility. These men are being held captive in locked cells!

They have not committed an additional offense after leaving prison.

The entire reason for taking the residents to this facility was for a treatment program, and there is no treatment going on at this time. There hasn’t been any treatment happening for a very long time. Why are these men still made to stay here?

There are no case managers going to this facility.

The TCCO Board knows these men are locked inside these cells. They know the residents are prevented from going outside. They know the residents are getting sick. They KNOW there was a man that died on Wednesday, November 4th.

We ALL need to call these board members and ask them:

“When are you going to send these men home to a safe environment to SAVE LIVES and to save the state tens of millions of dollars?”

Marsha McLane-  512-341-4421

Christy Jack- 817-203-2220

Kathryn “Katie” McClure- 979-703-7014

Roberto Dominguez- 956-584-5111

Jose Aliseda- 361-358-1550

Rona Stratton Gouyton- 817-237-1234

Senator Hinojosa-  956-318-0725/512-463-0120

Senator Perry-  806-783-9934/512-463-0128

Representative Matt Schaefer-  903-592-0900/512-463-0584

4 thoughts on “URGENT!


    There are 16 men in one room – 10 tested positive for COVID yet they have left the negative men in the same room! The results of the tests were back Fri Nov. 20 but were not revealed to the residents until Sun. Nov 22. The residents were pestering the nurse for the results. There was chaos and hot tempers rising. The officer on duty got loud and smart mouthed. She threw indigent snacks all across the floor and stormed away. Apparently the officers are not told anything either. This resident has tested negative 4 times now, yet they refuse to move him away from the infected ones. He has written numerous grievances that are being ignored. The room is obviously overcrowded with poor ventilation. This resident could hear an elderly man pleading with the floor officer for medical attention because he claimed he was sick. He was denied medical attention by the officer because “there are only 2 nurses here.” The resident’s name being refused medical treatment is Ricky Turner. More residents in the 2 men rooms have tested positive also. The administration seems to not know what to do, so they are doing nothing. These men have not had treatment (which they are there for…supposedly), for 6 months. A Tier 3 is having to do his completed Tier 3 over again just so they can say he is getting treatment. He has completely finished Tier 3 and has been waiting for the Panel to promote to Tier 4 for 6 months!

    There was a guy from the kitchen handing out food, all over the facility with NO PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT ON, and now HE HAS TESTED POSITIVE FOR COVID! How many has HE infected?? When they wipe down everything to disinfect they use the SAME cloth just spreading the virus!

    There have been 3 deaths now with apx 76 infected with COVID. The facility has put 66 bunks and a make-shift shower in the gym to move some residents in there. There is NO HEAT OR AC in there. How many more have to die? Please shut this place down NOW! Does the Health Dept. know what’s going on here? I will see that they do!


    1. We should ALL be outraged at this! I asked an employee why the Covid-19 positive men were not being separated from the Covid-19 negative men when they got the results of the testing. First I was told they had no place to move them in order to separate them. Then I was told, “They’re all going to get it anyway, what does it matter?”
      The average age of these men is 58. They haven’t had the best healthcare for many years. Now we’re going to roll the dice with their lives during a pandemic? What are these people thinking???? Although, the first sign of exposure and the administration is out of the offices for the full 14 days! They’re not taking any chances with their lives!


  2. Shut this place down now! Free these men and send them home. This place is killing these men . No medical attention, no end in sight. These men have served their time in prison! SET THEM FREE, WE AS TAX PAYERS ARE PAYING FOR THIS UNCONSTITUTIONAL FACILITY that supposed to give these men medical attention. This is injustice!


    1. You’re exactly right, Kimberly. These men and their families have done what the justice system has asked of them. They have paid their price for their crimes. We’re NOT dismissing the fact that these men made terrible choices. The men wouldn’t dismiss that fact either. The problem is, and really there are so many problems in this place, these men are dying from lack of proper medical care. They are being denied simple over the counter medicines. TCCO supervisors say they aren’t being denied these medications. Senator Whitmire’s office says they aren’t being denied these medicines. However, when families are on the phone with the men and HEAR the nurses say they are not allowed to give them any medication, that is denying them medication!
      They have also been denied the right to talk to their attorneys. TCCO has the ability to shut down the phones. The men have no way to talk to their families or attorneys. They are completely cut off from everyone.
      There is a supervisor that works for TCCO- Supervisor Lara, that has lied to many families. She has lied about one guard covering two dorms of men. She claims that has never happened. More than one family has called and checked on their loved one in the facility and Supervisor Lara has lied to the family. How do we know???? We have employees that talk to us and tell us the truth about what’s going on inside.
      The families cannot trust the government agency to truly take care of their loved ones. The families KNOW they aren’t really safe. They aren’t getting the medical care they need. They are being treated like prisoners when this is supposed to be a treatment center. Treatment centers don’t stop you in the hall and do a physical search of your person. REAL treatment centers don’t have therapists playing with men’s lives by holding them back in tiers because she’s attracted to them. She wants them to stay with her when she knows they’re ready to move on! She’s taking years off their lives when they should be with family.


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