All Fear All the Time

“All Fear, All the Time: Whatever Happened to the Home of the Brave?” Creator of the book, blog and movement FREE RANGE KIDS

Lenore Skenazy (“America’s Worst Mom”) talks about our fear driven society and the ways that parents are brain-washed into believing that danger is everywhere just waiting to snatch our kids.

Recorded on Thursday July 16, 2014 at the 6th annual RSOL National Conference in Dallas Texas.

9 thoughts on “All Fear All the Time

  1. The outrageous things that are happening at Texas Civil commitment center in Littlefield and nothing being done about it … The covid virus is in the facility that the workers keep bringing inside getting the men sick inside…This place is double jeopardy basically locking men up for the crimes they already served there sentences for..Where is justice for them no treatment is been done they can’t talk to there families there locked in there cells 24/7.. They treat theses men like INMATES and yes I say INMATES cause thats how there being treated…Families are so scared death and outrageous and so upset on how our loved ones are being treated how this place is covering up all there dirty little secrets…Men are dieing inside cause the staff workers are bringing in the Covid cause its not our loved ones bringing it in when they ain’t free to the public and they just don’t care all this place cares about is money money thats it…Something needs to be done about this place…Free our loved ones shut this hell hole down


      1. Yes this place is a hell hole men are dieing in there treatments ain’t happening when you call they don’t know anything or won’t tell you anything.. where is the rights to theses men why ain’t nothing been done about it…Free our men send them home they already done there sentences let them go home to there families


      2. We all out here will stop at nothing until that place is shut down and our loved ones are sent home..we all have had enough of whats going on at Littlefield civil commitment center and nothing is being done about it well its time for all of us to stand up together and get justice for our loved ones and free our loved ones and send them home

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