The kitchen workers have gotten sick many times now…The T-4s were working in the kitchen and now they’ve tested positive. So MTC had a group of T-3s work in the kitchen. These men were from a wing that had all been negative from Covid. Some of them went to work in the kitchen. Then they went back to their cells and infected their roommates! The food needs to be thrown away. The cold does not kill Covid. The food from the refrigerator needs to be thrown out! THEY NEED TO SHUT THE KITCHEN DOWN!

Did they do anything when they had 10 men test positive in a big room and KNEW there were 6 men that were negative?? NO. They left those negative men in that room to get infected. In fact, I talked to an MTC employee and when I asked what they were going to do about those 6 men that were negative, I was told,  “Where are we going to put them? They’re gonna get it anyway. “What??!!? What if they die?? Which 3 already have! If MTC/TCCO take possession of men then it is THEIR responsibility to FIND a safe spot for them that is Covid free!! MTC/TCCO IS NOT DOING THIS!

Last week, there was not enough guards to take care of all the buildings. There was ONE guard taking care of Charlie and Delta buildings. What if there was a fire inside the building and the guard was inside the other building? These men are locked inside their cells. By the time the guard got back into the other building, those rooms could have been full of smoke! Anything could happen…Again, if these people cannot keep these men safe, then they don’t need to be doing any of this. It’s very obvious they cannot keep them safe. When they leave men in a room with others that are sick…THIS IS NEGLIGENCE!  

Please help tell the senators that will be making the decision on whether or not TCCO is given millions of dollars to continue this “Program” that it is an obvious failure, that these men need to be released! When men are dying and MTC is no longer concerned about the men’s safety, it’s a failing program- 1. If you can’t protect them from Covid, then you have NO BUSINESS housing them!!2. If you can’t feed them without the men getting sick, then you have to shut down the kitchen!3. If you can’t take care of them once they are infected because of your company’s negligence, SEND THEM HOME!

The decision about the money to continue MTC/TCCO will be made VERY SOON! PLEASE call as often as possible. Tell them your stories, ask the senators why these men are CONTINUOUSLY treated like prisoners, WHO has authorized MTC to lock the doors that Senator Whitmire himself said should NEVER be locked? 

*Senator Whitmire 512-463-0115 (capitol)713-864-8701 (Houston)

*Senator Hinojosa 512-463-0120 (capitol)956-318-0725

*Senator Perry (Lubbock) 512-463-0128

*Representative Schaefer matt.schaefer@house.texas.gov403-592-0900512-463-0584

*Senator Powell- email only

*ACLU (Texas)- 

*ACLU (Nat’l)-800-232-4636212-549-2500

*Mike Barajas- Texas Observer

*Austin Chronicle-512-454-5766

*Austin American         Statesmen-512-445-4040

*Lamb County Leader-News806-385-4481

*CDC- 817-264-4500

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