Report to the Virginia State Crime Commission on So-Called “Sex Offender Civil Commitment,” Related to Senate Bill 1244 (Session 2021) Proposing Repeal of Virginia’s Statutes Authorizing Same

Just Future Project: Cyrus P. Gladden II, J.D.; March 15, 2021


  By way of self-introduction, I am a 69-year-old former lawyer and citizen of the State of Minnesota.  I am also its involuntary guest at the Minnesota Sex Offender Program’s Moose Lake, MN facility, a parallel program to the sex offender “civil” commitment program in place in Virginia.  My presence in this facility was prompted by a false accusation against me in 1995, ripened into wrongful conviction.  Frankly, this perspective makes the horrific folly of this “commitment” a personal matter.   

            Nonetheless, from the beginning, I have made my investigation into this topic as impartial and as complete as facts allow.  The facts comprising this Report are not a ‘slant’ on this issue, but simply the facts I encountered.  I conclude that there is really no valid defense of such so-called commitment.  

            I write and submit this Report to the Virginia Crime Commission on the occasion, and in support of the recent introduction of a bill in the Virginia Legislature by Senator Joe Morrissey proposing an end to that Virginia commitment program via repeal of the statute authorizing it.   It is my understanding that this bill has been referred to the Commission for its study and report to the Legislature.  I hope this Report will provide great illumination to the Commission on the anti-scientific outrage presented by such so-called commitment. 


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