Economic Impact Payment

Written by Current TCCC Resident


Residents currently assigned to the Texas Civil Commitment Center in Littlefield, Texas are being threatened and coerced to pay 33% of any stimulus check received by the Federal Government. Residents that received a $1200.00 stimulus check were required to pay $396.00 to the Texas Civil Commitment Center (TCCO). Residents that received a $600.00 stimulus check were required to pay $198.00 to TCCO; residents that received a $1400.00 stimulus check were required to pay $462.00 to the TCCO. TCCO extorts a grand total of $1096.00 of a resident’s economic impact payment.

If a resident refuses to pay 33% of their stimulus checks to TCCO, residents will be punished by not being allowed to make inside (commissary) or outside (vendor) packages with Wal-Mart, Amazon, etc. Residents will not be allowed to receive home packages from family and friends as well.

Economic Impact Payments are not considered taxable income, and an individual is not required to report it as income on their federal income tax return. TCCO has chosen to violate federal law.

11 thoughts on “Economic Impact Payment

  1. Residents in Littlefield are not being threatened to lose 33% of the Stimulus checks, the ARE losing that 33%. Why you think it is a TREAT – it is TCCO’s commitment!


  2. This is just another example of our state government extorting its citizens. Why can we not get this into the news? I have watched several programs on Fox News and they claim that they are all for telling the truth and getting it out to the public and so this being said I don’t know why someone with influence will not attempt at least to get a hold of some of these conservative news folks and present the facts of what’s going on and see if they can’t get on some type of program or at least get it published in some of the newspapers in Texas. The only way that these men in Littlefield will ever get any help is if there’s enough public pushback and I am not the person that is capable of doing that because I am still an offender on parole. I will do anything else that I can even to the point of doing some of the things that I have done in the past like sending an email to Mr Whitmire who is in charge of the Littlefield facility and the overall civil commitment. Someone needs to take Mr Whitmire and sit down and explain some things to him and I think some of the people associated with Texas Voices, NARSOL, and Cure-Sort, would be able to present evidence to what actual harm is caused by civil commitment and the false narrative that is taken on a face of its own. Please take a look at my suggestions and let’s get something done. I am not allowed to communicate with my friend who is there due to the fact that I am on parole and not a relative, but I assure you I know him very well because I was incarcerated with him for over 2 years. He made a horrible mistake and he has paid dearly for it and yet after paying his time to the state of Texas prison system he is now being punished even worse by the health and human services department. That department needs to have a complete and thorough investigation done into its operation and if necessary have a lawsuit filed against them. I look forward to hearing what you may attempt to do and I want you to know you have my full support to the extent with which I am allowed to participate. Sincerely Jackie Berry

    On Mon, Apr 12, 2021, 10:51 AM LOST IN LITTLEFIELD wrote:

    > moosejaw72 posted: ” Written by Current TCCC Resident > ___________________________________________________ 5Residents currently > assigned to the Texas Civil Commitment Center in Littlefield, Texas are > being threatened and coerced to pay 33% of any stimulus check received” >


    1. I absolutely agree with you, something definitely needs to be done about this agency. There was a write-up about TCCC in the Houston paper a few months ago. It was an amazing article!
      We need more support. Unfortunately, a lot of politicians won’t’ stand up and say what they KNOW is right, that these men have been mistreated.


  3. TCCC is a failure by its own statistical data. If no one is exiting this program, this is a red flag to its inadequacies. What do you think are the inadequacies of this therapeutic program?
    1. Violations are punishing clients from to 2 – 8 years, when clients are demoted levels, each level takes an average of 2 years to complete.
    2. Therapist turnover causes clients to repeatedly prove themselves worthy by completing assignments that have been lost in transition between therapist
    3. Case managers also have seen large turnovers in the five years since the Littlefield facility opened
    4. Polygraphs are used as a tool to keep clients from advancing, even after successfully completing their treatment
    4. PGP test humiliate clients and raise false accusations of possible inappropriate future behavior which contradicts therapy treatment that is designed to teach the client tools to make better decisions when faced with a situation that triggers an inappropriate thought. Most clients will have some type of reaction to a stimuli but does that mean they will act on it?
    5. When new management organizations are contracted, the treatment program changes and causes clients to start a new program of treatment.
    6. Many clients are suffering from depression and find it harder to stay focused on their treatment
    7. Covid has put gaps in group therapy, and case manager meetings with clients due to quarantines
    8. TCCO has put a financial burden on clients by requiring 3-6 months of rental savings, yet not providing enough opportunities for employment
    9. The 33% fees on all monies or merchandise clients receive
    10. Holding anyone with no hope of release is inhuman, cruel and unusual punishment

    Don’t forget about these men who have been sentenced to a never ending treatment program. Please do the right thing and help make this program successful by providing a guarantee release upon completion of treatment.

    Seriously stressed, disappointed and scared,


    1. We agree with everything you said, Maggie. Don’t forget the 95 MILLION DOLLARS Texas is requiring tax payers to give MTC and TCCO to continue this horrible treatment these men are receiving.
      Please email the state NAACP rep at or call 512-476-6230. He needs to know what these men are going through on a daily basis.


      1. Dear Maggie,
        Mr. Linder is the state representative for the NAACP. We are seeking the support of the NAACP for complaints lodged by residents and families. You can reach him at 512-476-6230 and


  4. I totally agree the men are being mistreated in so many ways. I saw firsthand the effects of TCCO on the men. The disguise of treatment is disgusting.


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