The Texas Civil Commitment Center (TCCC) opened September 2015 with the enactment of S.B.746, prior to which inmates could not have recorded this information. This is a list of residents who have died in 5.5 yrs:


1. Benito Davilla 

2. Daniel Almaguera 

3. Johnny Yabarra

4. Raul Quintero 


5. Robert Shoemaker 

6. Robert Russell 


7. William Scott 

8. John Graves 


 9. Gilbert Gomez 

10. David Petreas 

11. Leonard Khalaja 


12. Daniel Frazier 

13. Adolf Martinez 

14. Edwin England 

15. Melvin Estes 

16. Luis Castillo 

17. Anthony Henderson 

18. John Walsh 

19. William Weissinger

20. Thomas Matlock 

21. Terry Pair 

22. Jerry Redfearn 

23. Danny Connely                                                                                                                   


We’ve not listed them, but as many men have gone back to prison as have died in the new program from 2015 to the present, and only 10 have gotten released. Number 14, Mr. Edwin England, committed suicide in his cell after being antagonized and provoked by one of the hateful guards that they hire to work here. He’d been a tier four and witnessed the tragedy of this information through his entire treatment. His hope was overshadowed by the state’s ulterior motive. Mr. Melvin Estes,  Mr. Luis Castillo, Mr. Anthony Henderson, Mr. John Walsh, Mr. William Weissinger, Mr. Thomas Matlock, Mr. Terry Pair, and Mr. Jerry Redfearn all suffered from COVID-19. Their families were not notified of a medical emergency and never knew they were even in the hospital I.C.U. until after their death.                                                                                                                                                 

Since 1999, when the Texas Civil Commitment legislation was enacted, only 5 inmates have been conditionally released from the facility and only three have completed the program and taken off of Civil Commitment. I’ve watched 22 residents die in this program since I’ve been here because of inadequate provisions on the facility and a lack of access to medical care. It’s not like people get better with age and this is an aged population expected to get better when they suffer an injury, fall ill or age. There are no meaningful handicap provisions on this facility. TCCO has not compensated for the aging and degradation of residents’ health where death is imminent and inevitable. They have only waited until the last moments and then searched for an open bed in hospice. There are no provisions for the blind, deaf, or crippled. So, 22 people have lost their lives in this sex offender treatment program over the last five years that has been perfecting over the past 22 years and has released only five men. But the program has sent hundreds back to prison and at least 20 in the last five years.

4 thoughts on “DEATH AT TCCC

  1. Thank you for these statistics. I had no idea the number of men who died or sent back to prison. I have often wondered if there were procedures that TCCO has to follow when a client is hospitalized. TDCJ has a form I was told that family members can fill out to be notified in emergency situations. I don’t recall the name of it. TCCO should have a similar plan of action for medical emergencies. Inhuman treatment should never be acceptable. TCCO has not been transparent about anything. This program has failed! It’s time to disband, and defund civil commitment!


    1. We ABSOLUTELY agree! TCCO is not transparent about anything. They have continuously lied to the men, the families, even the employees of MTC! They have reported INCORRECT information on documents given to the senators. The problem is, nobody seems to hold TCCO accountable. WE ALL HAVE TO START SPEAKING UP…BRINGING AWARENESS TO THIS UNACCEPTABLE SITUATION!


  2. Danny Connely also succumbed to the effects of Covid 19. He was left laying in his bed day in and day out by MTC and TCCO. He lived in Delta 2 in the big room with 13 other men who constantly checked on him and told staff that he was sick. He wasn’t put on any type of medication at the facility, just like all the others were never put on any meds. He had a breathing machine and just withered away until he was finally taken to the hospital in Lubbock. I sat with him at the hospital a couple of times, but at this point it was too late and he was already on a ventilator. He passed away a few days after I sat with him.
    I was thankful I was not there that day. I don’t think I could have handled it at that point; too many had already passed away by then.


    1. Thank you for making us aware of this. It is unacceptable that any of the men had to suffer like this without being medicated. They are continuously being punished. Now the punishment seems to be to the death.


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