Submitted by a Former MTC Employee

There are some benefits to living in a small town. You really meet a lot of people and recognize them when you see them in other places. This was so true when I went to work as an officer at Texas Civil Commitment Center-TCCC in 2018.                                                              

 I have always been good with names and faces. While working at TCCC, I always knew the residents’ names and addressed them daily. There were several TCCO employees I recognized from previous jobs.                                                                                                       

There was a woman who was a therapist at TCCC who used to be my boss at Children’s Hope, a residential treatment center for kids in CPS care. This therapist was the ADMINISTRATOR of that location, meaning she was in charge, when the state of Texas and CPS shut down the entire facility (Children’s Hope). They came in and loaded up all the kids and took them away. It was a chaotic nightmare for the kids.                             

The LEAD THERAPIST at TCCO was the IT person and long-time employee of Children’s Hope with questionable, sexual accusations against him by some of the children. This same therapist has been said to have made several therapists at TCCC uncomfortable because he gets too close and too familiar.                                                        

 A former case worker was fired because he allegedly took the credit card numbers he was supposed to hang on to as part of his position with TCCC, and he used those numbers to steal money from the residents.             

There was yet another caseworker that had a series of personal issues with her children and her ex. Her ex has been in and out of federal prison for years. She was investigated by CPS and her mother ended up taking her two youngest kids.                   

What is the point to all of this? Everyone that works for TCCO or MTC or has any contact with the men of Texas Civil Commitment MUST undergo an extensive background check. Every I must be dotted, and T must be crossed. I was a foster parent at one time and the background check they performed was not as in depth as the TCCO background check. So, if the employees have questionable pasts or questionable job experiences, how are they given control over EVERY ASPECT of these men’s lives? How do these employees get to decide the men cannot tier up or go home or speak to someone, even who they interact with in the facility? Such hypocrisy! We ALL have a past, and we ALL get a second chance…well everyone except for the men of Texas Civil Commitment.                                                            


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