Sex Offender Recidivism: Myth and Fact

Low Recidivism for Sexual Crimes

People convicted of a sexual crime seldom repeat the offense. Government reports and empirical studies consistently show the rate of repeated sex crime to be much lower than the general public believes. The most widely cited report was published by the U.S Department of Justice in 2003. It compared recidivism rates among prisoners released in 1994 over a three-year follow-up period. Sex offenders (SO’s) were rearrested for another sex crime at a rate of 1.8% to 5.3% per year. Non-SO’s were rearrested for ordinary crimes (burglary, robbery, drug dealing, etc.) at a rate of 22.6% to 68% per year. SO’s repeat their crime at a lower rate than any type of crime other than homicide. It is in that context that SO’s are understood to be at low risk to re-offend.


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