We are making some changes. In an effort to align and strengthen our message we will now and forever be know as TACC – TEXANS AGAINST CIVIL COMMITMENT. We will be moving to the name on this website, on Facebook, and on Twitter. We will share all of that information here and on our social media pages.

We will be soon unveiling our logo and slogan for all of you to see and share!!

We have also placed our Mission, Vision, and Beliefs on the home page, but here they are too:

All civilly committed individuals should have a clear path to release.

TACC advocates for research-based practices, effective clinical treatment, laws and policies supported by facts and data without political and personal agendas, and advocacy for the just treatment of civilly committed individuals. 

We believe no sexual abuse or sexually related crime is ever acceptable. 
We believe more steps should be taken to create and initiate a treatment program with a clearly defined path for release and reintegration into society.
We believe sex offense laws and policies should be based on sound research, clinical diagnoses recognized in the DSM-V, recidivism rates, and common sense, not panic or paranoia.
We believe current laws and policies that compare all individuals that have sexually offended the same are counter-productive and cause needless harm.
We believe each offense must be judged on its own merits with consequences that fit the crime and do not waste taxpayer dollars. 
We believe the current civil commitment program negates that all current residents have served full sentences handed down by judge and jury.
We believe the millions of dollars spent annually on the current shadow prison would be better used for prevention, healing, and rehabilitation. 

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