The Endless Time Loop

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TACC-Texans Against Civil Commitment: Moosejaw72; August 17, 2021


I’m sure many of you have seen the movie, Groundhog Day starring Bill Murray. If you haven’t, you need to take some time and check it out. This movie puts an angry anchorman in a timeless loop, and he has to relive Groundhog Day over and over and over. On the website Screen Rant Justin Van Voohis wrote, “The “time loop” has become a popular time travel movie premise. Usually defined as when a character, for one reason or another, relives a day or experience over and over again and must figure out what they need to do to escape it.”

What happens when the time loop never ends even if the “characters” work to escape it?

What happens when the storyline changes and the “characters” don’t know the rules?

What happens when the outside forces push the “characters” back in the loop when they just begin to make it out on a new path?

What happens when the “characters” realize that the time loop is never ending?

Well folks, there is a REAL-LIFE endless time loop in Littlefield, Texas with the men that have been civilly committed to the Texas Civil Commitment Center (TCCC). The State agency, the Texas Civil Commitment Office (TCCO) uses nefarious methods in conjunction with the FOR-PROFIT company managing the facility, Management Training Corporation (MTC), to keep men in an endless time loop that amounts to a death sentence. More than FOUR times the men have died in custody than have been released!! 

We have been told that TCCO has now set a goal of releasing 5 men per year. That means it would take close to 80 years to empty the facility at its current capacity. The average age of the men in TCCC is 58. Even if you were 30, the last to leave would be well over 100 years old. TCCO obviously has no desire for most of the men to leave the facility alive. ENDLESS TIME LOOP!!

We have reports from the inside of TCCC that therapists are told to give men “special assignments” even when they have completed all the requirements of a tier and are ready to “tier up”. The therapists then have the men re-do parts of the assignment when they try to turn it in to meet the requirement. This happens when men also do the end of tier assignment. This is an intentional way to stall progress and keep the men from moving through the program. ENDLESS TIME LOOP!!

One man was told REPEATEDLY by his therapist that she sent his paper for approval to the next tier to TCCO in February 2021. As the weeks and months passed, he continually checked with his therapist to see when he would be moved, tiered up. He was told not to worry; she was waiting on TCCO. And the months rolled by…ENDLESS TIME LOOP!!

By the end of July 2021, the resident wanted to know why nothing had moved forward since February. He went to his therapist and was persistent until she finally admitted that she “was not allowed to file” his end of tier assignment. She said it was because he had a lawsuit against TCCO. She was told by the TCCO administration that they would not accept his papers as long as he had a lawsuit filed against them! ENDLESS TIME LOOP!!

Marsha McLane is to blame for lack of progress too. She told men under the age of 45 in AGE, the final tier that is supposed to be reintegrated into the community, that the people she answers to will never be okay with them being back on the street at their ages. ENDLESS TIME LOOP!!

MTC, which makes a profit off filling beds in the facility, is to blame for lack of progress too. They have no financial gain if men are released. In fact, releasing men costs them money, so why help men through the program. We have been told that guards are told to “write the men up for anything to keep them from advancing in tiers”. We have heard that John Cochran, facility administrator has even threatened loss of employment if staff did not write the men up enough. ENDLESS TIME LOOP!!

So, these men are working every day. So, these men are trying to go home. So, these men work the program daily. So, these men do the extra assignments. So, these men try to do what is right daily. But they are being lied to daily. But they were lied to from the beginning. But they are living in a manipulated system driven to make them fail. ENDLESS TIME LOOP!!

“Manipulation is a contagious disease, much more dangerous than the flu because it can endure for a lifetime.” -Dorothy McCoy

TCCO manipulates. MTC manipulates. Staffers at TCCC manipulate. Marsha McLane manipulates. John Cochran manipulates. This program manipulates not only progress for all these men, but also their families for years and years. ENDLESS TIME LOOP!!

4 thoughts on “The Endless Time Loop

  1. What can we do to get major Texas news outlets to cover this? There was some coverage a few years ago– I think it’s an appropriate time to ask them to revisit this topic. I don’t live in Texas. Does anyone reading this web page have media contacts?


    1. Hello Deanna,
      We have gotten some newspaper articles written, but as far as tv news, the people we have working for the release of the men in Texas Civil Commitment have no contacts in the news outlets.
      I don’t think living out of state would be an issue if you are interested in joining the TACC team. We meet through FB messenger every other Sunday to talk about issues. We make a plan of action for the next two weeks. Then we often discuss things during the two weeks on FB messager that is happening. You could still call people in TX even though you don’t live in TX, if you’re interested. We can use all the help we can get.
      If you know any family members that haven’t joined the website, please lead them this way! Thank you


      1. Yes, I would like to help. I have a lot on my plate at the moment, though it should get more sane by April. I’m serving on two HOA boards, so used to meetings and being organized. Please count me in!

        Did you circulate your petition to Texas Voices? I know a lot of those folks have friends and family that would sign. I sent it to folks I know in Texas as well.


      2. Yes, we did circulate the petition to Texas Voices. They are a huge help to us!
        Our biggest obstacle is getting other families involved. I know we could do so much more if we could reach the families.


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