It’s been 36 days since I’ve talked to my son. He broke a rule, now he’s in lock up for 90 days. Lockup! In a treatment facility. Locked in a tiny cell for 23 hours a day.

They turned off his phone privileges…they will not let him write or receive letters. Jessica Marsh says, “You are calling and texting his case manager entirely too much.” So asking about my child, who I haven’t talked to in over a month, is too much? How much power do these people have?

I have text his case manager Mr. Clum 12 times in the last 2 weeks with no response. He is clearly reading my  messages. I guess I’m bothering them. Hey Jessica! Hey Clum! What if it was your child??

I am devastated! I cry every morning, I am flooded with the depressing picture in my head of my son, who is NOT a prisoner, just sitting, sleeping, hunched over on that tiny bed in that tiny cell. Justin Wayne, I will never give up. I will never shut up! Because that’s what they want us to do. They have scared so many family members into just doing nothing. Well Marsha, Jessica, Lara, Gougler, Whitmire! You’ve already taken everything away from me. So what do I have to lose. I will NEVER SHUT UP! 

See you in Houston!   

Sincerely and Disrespectfully,  

Jennifer Williams 

TACC Board Member


6 thoughts on ““I will NEVER SHUT UP!”

  1. We truly must keep telling everyone that THESE MEN ARE FREE! Somehow one woman has been given so much power and control and everyone has forgotten they have served their time! There shouldn’t be contact list with approved people or package restrictions or solitary confinement! What needs to be happening, TREATMENT, is the least thing going on. We have to keep pushing and shouting and showing everyone this place is wrong.

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    1. Thank you, Mandi. We are working hard to spread that message. We have this website for the purpose of spreading the truth of what civil commitment really is and what is happening in the Texas civil commitment. We also spread news through our Face Book page and our Twitter account.


      1. How can any hard-working American want to pay taxes on a filling facility. This field was created out of one man’s greed to be re-elected and put one woman with the bias opinion and gave her so much power she believes she is unstoppable. They let it go to their heads but I believe we have the Lord on our side I know we have right on our side it may not happen today and it may not happen tomorrow but we will see our loved ones come home.


      2. That is our goal, to see these men come home. We want them to have a clear path to release. Right now there is no release. But that’s why we’re working to do what we can.


  2. We’re right there with you! Your pain, our pain. Your tears, our tears.
    Our voices are loud and getting louder. We should not tolerate such abuse in this country. This is not who we are as a nation.


  3. I have to believe that anyone that believes in Our Father in Heaven. Would not stand for the mistreatment of another human and feel good about it. We all have to remember that these men were judged by jury of their peers and they have served every single day of their sentence plus year upon year from 6 to 20 in addition to what a jury of their peers sentence them to for their wrong doing because of one Senators selfish act. I’ve always said if you want to see a good honest person become not so good and not so honest let him stay in politics just a little bit too long.


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