Another request for your help from supporters of the civil commits at Moose Lake 

New DOC threats against a leader of the non-violent protests against civil commitment facility at Moose Lake, Minnesota.

First Daniel Wilson and a dozen others civil commits were placed in the disciplinary unit at Moose Lake without any due process for their protests against Minnesota’s civil commitment program. Now, Charlie Sullivan of National CURE informs us that on October 5 the Minnesota DOC will decide to return Daniel to prison. One reason given was that he had too much property in his room. But it’s pretty clear the main reason was Daniel’s courageous efforts to oppose a civil commitment program which has only fully released 14 men while 88 have died over 26 years. Hundreds and hundreds are presently civilly committed with a disproportionate number of them being people of color.

Please call Minnesota Governor Tim Walz at 651-201-3400 and ask him to provide due process for Daniel Wilson and the others in the disciplinary unit in the Moose Lake Sex Offender Program. Urge him, in addition, to prevent Wilson from being sent back to prison.

Also call the administration of the civil commitment program at 218-565-6000 and urge them to release Dan and the others from the disciplinary unit.

You could also call Daniel at 218-351-1900 to encourage him to keep up the good work. His number to leave a message for him is 106021. You can leave your number if you would like him to call you back.

All the best, Paul Shannon

Chair, NARSOL Board of Directors

One thought on “Another request for your help from supporters of the civil commits at Moose Lake 

  1. Update on Dan Wilson. Dan did not get sent to prison on Oct 5th, however, he is still being held in the Behavioral Unit. Although he would rater be back in general population, Dan is working on new projects and making good use of his time. The work that Dan has been doing in the last few years has been stressful and this is giving him an opportunity to regroup and revive his motives. My son has the capacity to make the best out of every situation and he believes there’s a reason for everything, and God will lead his way!
    Thank-you for all of your support and prayers. More to come!
    Dan’s Mom.


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