By A TCCC Resident 

The Texas Civil Commitment office is moving further away from its clientele. When this new and improved version of civil commitment began in late 2015, TCCO case mangers “visited” each offender twice a month, called a collateral contact every month and every offender had a one-on-one with the sex offender treatment provider every month. 

The very first change of pace in that very close management and control scheme reduced one-on-ones with the treatment provider to once every three months. That reduction alone saved thousands of dollars on monthly treatment expenses. The next step back they took was stop calling collateral contacts. Then the pandemic hit us hard and TCCO used HIPPA laws to prevent family and outsiders from knowing what was going on in the program, facility and with offenders. Nine of us died without family emergency contact notification. Then, TCCO decided that case management “visiting” confined offenders in the facility twice a month was not necessary, so they changed that to once a month. Now, the newest change to date no longer requires cost recovery assessment sheets every month. This is probably the most interesting since the latest legislation requires even more financial disclosure than ever before. 

See a pattern here? TCCO is distancing itself from us and creating more concealment. This is the Agency Director, Marsha McLane who publicly promised more transparency and integrity. She and her echelon of upper management have illegally arrested, transported and incarcerated outpatient clients. They’ve taken illegal monies from inheritances, settlements, and the families of offenders by taxing packages. They’ve held offenders back from tier advancement and even tiered offenders down for delinquent TCCO fees. Among many other punitive things, they’ve denied basic health and dental care resulting in 25 deaths since putting McLane at the helm of this program. 

TCCO’s purpose is becoming less treatment and more prison punishment. And, it’s only going to get a lot worse as TCCO distances itself further away from clientele treatment success.

11 thoughts on “DISTANCING 

  1. I have a relative in Littlefield. He has worked all of his program and was almost out the door. He has been demoted after an alleged offense in which all charges have been dropped. He was in segregation for several days and now has been demoted. My relative was neglected and stripped from all rights. The investigation was finalized and no charges were perused. I need some guidance as to what to do to help him.



    1. Hello Ceci,
      Please know that I have no legal expertise! I just want to make sure I understand this so others that may be reading this and have a loved-one in the same situation can email you if they’d like to talk, etc.
      So your relative had reached the point of almost leaving. Then he was accused of some offense and put in segregation (SMU) for several days where you say he was neglected. Can you tell me specifically how he was neglected please? Also, can you give me specifics on his rights that were taken away from him? That will help others that are reading this.
      So then TCCO decided to a lower tier? This was before the investigation?
      Then the investigation was finalized and they dropped the charges against your relative? Did they put him back in his former tier since the charges were dropped?
      Sorry for all the questions, I just need some more information.
      Looking forward to talking more soon.

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  2. I have a relative, was almost out the door. These people have targeted him. After an serious accusation, all charged were dropped after an investigation. The have now demoted him to start all over again. Makes no sense. Need to get to the bottom of it. Need some guidance


      1. Back in August ir so my brother was accused of having a relationship with his attorney. His case manager, Karen Gonzalez, took his phone and was wonder investigation for contacting his attorney and well Karen Gonzalez claimed he didn’t have her as an approved contact. Well, my brother tried to explain that she is an attorney and does not have to be on the approved list. When his attorney found out, she called Austin and Karen Gonzalez was given a directive to give back the phone. My brother has been a target since then. Officers would talk to him differently and were hostile towards him. Karen Gonzalez refuses to talk to him and since then has given him “the cold shoulder”.
        On October of this year, he expressed his grief via message to my mother and I. It was his daughter’s birthday. He was sad and it was overall a hard day. In that message he said,
        Happy birthday love your father. That message was never sent. 2 weeks ago, I called the facility to check on my brother since i had not received a xall from him. It was odd and he calls me quiet often. I found out that he was under investigation and the sheriff’s department had this case. I later found out the reason after a detective called me. Please note that my brothers case manager,, Karen gonzalez, never called me to tell me until 1 week later and bo details were given to me. On Friday, October 12th, I received a xall form the detective, all charges wer dropped because my brother has not tried to contact his children.
        So again he was proven innocent and well that doesn’t sit well with TCCO and his case manager. My brother sat in solitary SMU for 8 days, was stripped from all privileges including his job. He was tiered down from a 4 to a tier 2 with tier 1 privileges. My brother has maintained a great report and has worked his program. This isn’t right and what they do is injustice.
        Unsure how they can sleep at night. But there is a God, and my brother has me. Justice will prevail.

        Cecilia Chavez


      2. Nothing TCCO and MTC do is justified. Since your brother was tiered down before the investigation, you may want to talk with a lawyer, especially since all the charges were dropped. We have a list of lawyers under the “Resources” tab on the Home page. The only two lawyers I’m familiar with are Papa Dieye and Ashley Burleson. They are both excellent.

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      3. Hello Murphy73, sry for such late response. Just to give u a quick update, since tcco has tiered him down, my brother has managed to stay focused and continue pushing forward. Just today tcco has restricted him from phone usage and mail. Noone knows why. How I found out, well there is a lot of people that are for my brother and know that what these people are doing is wrong. He has been the target from tcco and his case manager. Unexplainable .


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