By A TCCC Resident 

Texas’ sex offender civil commitment was created for hate and retribution and used to test the expansion of law. 

There have been over 600 sex offender civil commitments since its beginning in 1999; less than 20 men have been released by appeal, court challenge or token success; more than 275 men have been put back in prison; and, over 100 men have died in its auspice. 22 years of facts speak for themselves. 

It has nothing to do with public safety or treatment. There will never be a treat and release model, a clear path out or justice by it. It is nothing more than a collateral life sentence for those in it. 

Sex offender civil commitment is an ex post facto, double jeopardy, cruel and unusual punishment and indefinite sentencing scheme. 

It is what it is !!!

2 thoughts on “IT IS WHAT IT IS 

  1. This is very True and all this info will be sent to others on the Senate and Governor office,They need to Fix this and Close the Littlefield Facility and all the others need to be Closed. There is no Such Therapy being done of all the Years and yet these men Cannot Complete their Teirs for release.How much more Tax Money are they going to Take?


    1. We agree that there is no treatment that is consistent or effective currently. We also agree that tax payer dollars are being wasted to fund this shadow prison that locks up what should be free men that paid their debt to society already.


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