Treatment Report 2 

By Current Civil Detainee at TCCC

(This was written prior to the Management Training Corporation taking over management of TCCC. Sadly, the situation has not gotten better and in many cases continues to deteriorate.)

It is my firm belief that Texas’ Tiered Sex Offender Treatment programs Structure has become an institutional failure, which lacks a meaningful relationship between the program, society, and an end to indefinite detention. Texas Civil Commitment Office (TCCO) as an Administrative Agency is duty bound by legislative enactment (SB 746) to provide a public service, yet constructively contends against, by failing to provide a seamless transition back into the community at large. Which includes providing specialized programs, community-based services, and programs, or other services which can enable residents to effectively habilitate. 

One would think that professional state authorities would act responsibly towards residents by providing pragmatic, viable, therapeutic solutions requisite for professional level care, that promote effective habilitation. Yet, TCCO Officials in conjunction with those employed here by Correct Care Recovery Solutions (which has been contracted by Texas Civil Commitment Office, to provide statutorily required sex offender mental health treatment) are constructively denying it. Resulting from ignorance (ignoring facts) and lack of concern or consideration, for the welfare and liberty of men civilly committed under Texas law. 

There is no community preparation service component available or designed for persons in the final stages of treatment who need preparation for reintegration back into the community. Residents do not receive individualized specific offense therapy that focuses on identifying and addressing patterns of their own sexually deviant behaviors. Nor does TCCO conduct periodic independent risk assessments which can be used to evaluate whether an individual continues to meet the initial commitment criteria. 

Discharge procedures are not working properly under TCCO directive, disallowing the committed individuals (residents) advance to less restrictive housing alternatives. This is not in accordance with lawful (legislative) mandate, and is the result of lack of less restrictive housing alternatives, which are non-existent. 

Although TCCC residents are in-fact considered to be predatory and violent, as Citizens of the United States of America, we continue to hold Constitutional rights which are inviolable! These rights include the right to receive Sex Offender Treatment in the least restrictive appropriate setting. Which rationally should be a therapeutic “non-punitive” environment conducive to successful habilitation. 

It is my firm belief that in order to provide even minimally adequate sex offender treatment, (as mandated by the Supreme Court of the United States) residents within this program must have at least minimal interaction with the community, within a normalized real-world environment. Without such consideration, in conjunction with effective administration of psychotherapy, there can be no holistic benefits nor overall progress. Without programming aimed at advancement of resident’s well being and safety, treatment should not be considered effective nor operational. 

Where effective self-management strategies could work, and are needed, TCCO in conjunction with CCRS is failing to provide any equitable opportunities to residents to develop them. Which stagnates treatment and prevents residents from becoming self-reliant, while building up self-esteem in conjunction with healthy self awareness. This will allow residents to overcome dysfunctional methods of coping, as well as the harsh stigmatization of being labeled as predatory, along with the negative effects of ongoing institutionalization. While in turn decreasing both the quantum and quality of care requisite for professional level care, and simultaneously allowing TCCO in conjunction with CCRS to fulfill its legislative duties.

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