**Please note that this was written prior to Management Training Corporation taking over for Correct Care Recovery Solutions as the management of the facility. Sadly, nothing has changed and many things are worse or deteriorating under the current management.**

By a Current TCCC Resident 

Texas Civil Commitment Offices’ supervision and management system is strict, unreasonable and disparaging. Showing blatant disregard for residents/clients Constitutional Rights, by ongoing implementation of censorious practices and policies. Via “misprision” which is being constructively carried out under “color of office”, residents are being deprived of adequate Sex Offender Treatment, which is court mandated. Such unfavorable conditions being imposed upon American Citizens is to be considered “shocking to the conscience”, being overtly cruel, wrong and inhumane. Upon information and belief, the foundation of effective treatment is the physical and mental well-being of residents/clients. Yet, clear boundaries here at TCCC (between treatment and supervision roles) are being visibly (purposely) distorted, and thereby made inapplicable. 

Supervision, Treatment and Evaluation roles which are to be maintained without punitive sanctioning, having become blurred; allowing residents to be restrictively sanctioned without reasonable justification. Which inappropriately serves to denigrate and thereby destabilize appropriate treatment. TCCO in conjunction with CCRS have developed a harsh, over-restrictive, punitive, control module here at TCCC. By “intentionally” allowing supervision and treatment roles to become muddled. By doing so, stated entities “in cahoots” are daily tinkering with the mindsets of residents, with impunity. 

These unethical, unprofessional practices are to be considered immeasurably worse than torture of the physical body. Causing far more psychological harm than is being acknowledged, resulting from what should be considered as corrupted- eugenic Nazi-practice. Which is why (in my opinion) a resident of TCCC has recently attempted commission of suicide by hanging! After being forcibly detained and secluded in SMU which is synonymous with antiquated Solitary Confinement. 

Residents/Clients of TCCC are not receiving adequate and effective treatment, which is both statutorily and constitutionally mandated. To place residents within a system that encroaches upon both their constitutional and human rights, in order to justify a scheme that inhibits their treatment progress; is “shocking to the universal sense of justice being unconscionable “Every resident should receive court mandated treatment designed to facilitate effective habilitation for societal reintegration. Yet, CCRS who provides treatment and care under contract with TCCO, has and continues to fail to do so with continuity. Both TCCO and CCRS are fully aware that Civil Detainees are to be treated in a least restrictive environment as possible, and cannot be subjected to punitive sanctioning (i.e. Punishment) as regular prison inmates incarcerated in correctional facilities are. 

It is the written Policy And Purpose of TCCC Administration, to ensure that all residents are afforded levels of management and privileges commensurate with residential treatment facility standards. Nonetheless, TCCC Administration (under TCCO and CCRS) continue misprision, via demonstrably inconsistent and deficient effectuation of policies and procedures. Upon information and belief, this is being carried out by design, arbitrarily reoccurring on a monthly basis! By doing so, stated agencies have created a climate of “fear and Control”, which is non-conducive to habilitation. As result of this inhumane treatment resembling Nazis-like practice, men here at TCCC are now subjected to emotional distress and are harmed psychologically thereby. Which upon information and belief has led the formentioned TCCC resident to attempt to commit suicide by hanging. When does justice in conjunction with effective (REAL) Sex Offender Treatment begin!

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