How I believe I’m being harmed by this Treatment Environment 

By Current TCCC Resident

Our Texas Legislators have created a Civil Commitment Scheme, (pursuant to Texas law) which has merely shifted the focus of punishment from the criminal realm, into the civil sphere of influence via confluence of law. Thereby, shifting punishment from prisoner’s bodies to their souls. Which makes our states’ vaunted restorative justice initiative a travesty at best. As a Civilly Committed Resident-Clients of Texas Civil Commitment Office, I am lawfully mandated to receive Sex Offender Treatment per Texas law. However, I have the right to receive said treatment in the least restrictive, NON-PUNITIVE environment as possible. Within a setting, which does not hamper my ability to cope while internalizing treatment techniques, nor which compromises my habilitation, whether intentionally or unintentionally. However, after residing at Texas Civil Commitment Center for the past 48 months, I’ve come to believe that I can no longer benefit from treatment provided within this sterile prison-like environment. I make this bold statement because I honestly believe that TCCC is in fact a “Toxic” environment that is not conducive to treatment. 

I believe that I have been, and, continue to be harmed “Psychologically” via ongoing psychiatric abuse at this facility. This abuse is the result of the denial of a federal constitutional right to receive such individual treatment that will give me the reasonable opportunity to be cured or to improve my mental condition. I base this assertion on the verifiable fact that although I’ve proven I’m willing to work towards change via treatment, I remain Tier II status after diligently participating in sex offender treatment for the past 48 months and counting. This stated abuse denies me the opportunity to properly heal, grow and thereby habilitate. This is the only viable means I have to obtain release from indefinite detention and return to the community at large. 

For the past 46 months I have been held under an experimental regime that has done very little to foster my rehabilitation and successful return to greater society. This is supposed to be a Therapeutic Clinical Treatment Program, yet, I have been unable to receive adequate treatment at this facility. Having been assigned numerous clinical therapists (many of whom were not even properly licensed) while various treatment regimens are used and discarded without reasonable or rational justification. This has and continues to prevent me from making any significant progress, stemming from lack of continuity in treatment. Which would provide me with the means to receive the individualized treatment needed, and thereby show improvements in my cognitive processes and behaviors. I remain unable to express my clinical needs in a manner that receives any substantive value. Because each new therapist operates differently and processes information differently. This is a significant hindrance to me as I have now been under the care of at least 10 different treatment providers over the span of 48 months. 

I have been exposed to a toxic treatment environment in conjunction with this ongoing misprision which continues to create impedance to my treatment progress. stemming ” misinterpretation of data (records) lapses in recording that causes treatment reports to be based and highlight my deficiencies. This is harmful to me and causes me to undergo significant emotional distress, realizing that my psychological growth (progress) is not being properly charted. In a manner that will give me a reasonable opportunity to advance through the treatment program. It’s a shame and a travesty to experiment and thereby interfere with human lives; in a manner that serves to dehumanize them. Especially while denying those persons their right to enjoy even minimal normalized interaction with greater society. In my personal opinion, it would be considered far more humane (civilized) just to give these individuals life sentences for their criminal offenses. (Instead of Civil Death = forfeiture of both civil and human rights).

The State of Texas has created a Private Forensic Treatment Lab for men like myself, where we are indefinitely detained and analyzed like “Lab-Rats” in a scientific experiment. It’s hard to fathom how our legislators can justify law that simply warehouses men in the name of public safety. Many of whom (after multiple years of undergoing treatment) are still being denied the chance to put what they’ve internalized (via treatment) into practice. This “mockery of justice under the pretense of public safety and mental health care needs to be exposed for what it truly is.

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