Dear Families and Friends,

I looked for a poem that was just right;

To support the men and families last night.

Men have paid their societal debt;

Have been locked up long enough for regret.

Yet those in power of this State,

Hide behind the prison industrial scheme,

Making others pay long after their release date,

Because they claim these men will do the extreme.

Families are waiting and men have paid their due;

The only way out seems to be death or to sue.

Many may think they know the truth;

But it’s all based on media lies and big money in a State voting booth.

Reality is this, to put it plain,

These men have paid their due, only to be dealt double jeopardy pain.

Take a minute to think:

Life is short like the eye that blinks.

Forgiveness and kindness should lead the way:

All these men should be released today.

To all the families and men losing together time;

We wish you well during this holiday time.

May God Bless you ALL,

As we wait for TCCC and TCCO to fall.


One thought on “Dear Families and Friends,

  1. Yes,these Families Deserve their loved ones home as these men have done their time in the Courts of, In God We Trust. Its all about the money and now it starts at the prison for Civil Commitment. It is all being run at the Hightower Unit as they are completing time. These men are put in Hightower as they are treated like animals and being put in class already where they are to say what the program teacher tells them they must admit to their cases once again. For what does it matter as they have completed their sentence,it should not matter. Thank you for your information .


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