Ding Dong, Is the Witch Gone?

Blogpost #3

TACC-Texans Against Civil Commitment: Moosejaw72; March 3, 2022

No, there haven’t been any tornadoes tearing through Littlefield and dropping houses on anyone. I don’t think she probably wears ruby slippers, and there definitely is nothing magical about her. All imagery aside, there are whispers that Marsha McLane has resigned from the Texas Civil Commitment Office (TCCO). But wait, don’t get too excited. One, we have not confirmed that information to be true. Two, the other whispers mention that she will moving to the TCCO Board.

Why would Marsha McLane resigning be good? She took a successful outpatient program and turned it into a disaster post prison warehouse for men with a better chance of dying than completing the program successfully.

Why would Marsha McLane being on the TCCO Board be bad? One, the board decides who is tiered up and released. Her track record for tiering men up and releasing them is worse than being beneath a house with ruby slippers on your feet. Two, she was married to a man that offended and went to prison; she is biased. Three, this would put her with Rona Stratton Gouyton, who is also a sister of a victim. She is biased as well. Victims and family members of victims should not serve on a board that determines the release of these men. Four, Marsha’s intent has been made clear since 2015. She has no intention of providing consistent, therapeutic care, providing proper medical care, and creating a clear path of release.

There is no Yellow Brick Road, there is no Wizard of Oz, and this is not a dream. It has been a nightmare of deathly consequences for 26 men and an endless looping nightmare for hundreds of others. McLane has proven over and over again her failure to lead an effective, rehabilitative program under the civil commitment statute. Resigning from the position McLane has now to move to the TCCO Board only ensures that she can continue to negatively impact the men in a failing program that has wasted hundreds of millions of taxpayer money at this point.

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