“Let Them Eat Cake…Today”

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TACC-Texans Against Civil Commitment: Moosejaw72; April 7, 2022

Marsha McLane, TCCO, and MTC certainly did not say, “Let them eat cake.” And while the quote is attributed to Marie Antoinette, she probably did not say it either. But the message is clear when it comes to the men and families of TCCC-“Let them eat cake…Today.” “From famine does not come feast” is what I say to McLane and her cronies.

These men receive meals that are pitiful to say the least. The quality of the food is poor and the amount served is inappropriate for grown men. I could list menu items, but families already know how bad it is. These men may not be malnourished, but are given just enough “cake” to stay above it. Cake crumbs…

McLane, TCCO, and MTC are notorious for using veiled and even open threats to the men. “Behave” which means don’t complain or question any tactics or methods employed by the shadow prison. If prisoners (“residents”) speak up or speak out they are threatened with being “stuck” in their current Tier. The sad truth is that as slow as movement is between Tiers, little to none ever make it to Tier Four or out the door. YOU ARE FOUR MORE TIMES LIKELY TO DIE THAN TO SURVIVE “TREATMENT” AT TCCC. Cake crumbs…

There is a PUBLIC AWARENESS EVENT this Saturday, April 9th at 10:30 at the Texas Civil Commitment Center. How does Marsha respond? How does TCCO respond? How does MTC respond? “We shall give them cake and play ball!” So, to avoid problems and face the truths, we shall appease the men with a cookout and baseball tournament. That should lift their spirits enough to tell their families they are well and well fed and having fun at recreation, right? WRONG! Another attempt to give them small incentives and hope it keeps them held over before the pain kicks back in and they realize they are being toyed with by the powers that be yet again. Cake crumbs…

Let’s be clear, Marsha McLane does not believe in treatment. How do I know this? How many have been released versus how many have died?? How many have moved through the Tiers in the 18-24 months that Schmoker said it takes for men that “follow the rules”?? How many times has treatment been delayed or changed? How many times has it been missed due to the pandemic? AND NOW, a lack of counselors? Why is a library clerk teaching a 1.5 hour class to all the men? Where is the Cognitive Behavioral treatment? Cake crumbs…

Besides treatment coming to a standstill, where is the medical care? Three men have died in 31 days. Men are not getting their medications ordered. Basic care is non-existent. Most men go months without proper care and the local hospitals have all but denied any care except emergency visits due to lack of payment from the facility. But if you will keep quiet and suffer quietly, we might Tier you up. Cake crumbs…

So, cake today or cake crumbs here and there are just a ploy to make the men feel better for now or to placate them and keep them quiet. Cake or no cake changes nothing about this prison. It is preventive detention to control what MIGHT happen. McLane, TCCO, and MTC can keep their cake and crumbs.

Marsha was once quoted saying in effect that this would not be a warehouse for sex offenders and that she would shut it down if that happened. Alas, she has settled for saying, “Let them eat cake…today.”

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