And the BEAT Goes on…

Most men are currently locked down due to Covid running rampant in the facility. Men with Covid are being kept with men that don’t have Covid. Men are sick but not finding out they are positive for Covid until days later, if at all! This also means that groups are not taking place again. Treatment with no treatment groups occurring…How does that work?  MTC has such a slow response that most men are already exposed by the time they lockdown or restrict movement. Not to mention no isolation from those infected and those that are not infected.

Other alarming news coming out of the facility… There are many closed-door meetings taking place. There are rumors of other agencies getting involved in the affairs of the Civil Commitment Center. It makes people wonder if this is a sign that maybe issues are finally being taken seriously or are groups working to stifle the groups and families coming forward with complaints. On top of that it is rumored that local area hospitals and Texas Tech Health Sciences is owed millions of dollars. We know that most area hospitals will only take emergency visits due to lack or delay of payment. Now residents and families are being billed for thousands and thousands of dollars that should be covered by the TCCO Office and their huge annual budget of tens of millions of dollars. This just solidifies that this whole project is a scheme for money hungry for-profit companies to live off the backs of men that have duly served their time and paid their price to society.

Now we hear that MTC plans to begin building by the end of August to expand the facility to make room for a total of 750 men. How is this feasible when MTC can’t employ enough people to currently cover 417 men? How is this possible when medical needs can’t be met for 417 men? What are they planning to do when 417 men can’t get the therapeutic treatment they are supposed to be there for to reach a level to ever go home? Where are all these extra staff and therapists supposed to come from when MTC can’t staff what is there already?? How can they maintain more facilities when most of the buildings don’t even have air conditioners that work? How can they afford food for all these men? The food they have now is not enough for grown men?

Why does this place stay open when the outpatient program had such a low recidivism rate? Why do we tolerate the waste of money on a facility for post incarceration? Why do we want a company, any company making money off filled bed in a TREATMENT facility? SHUT THIS PLACE DOWN!

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