Why do residents need to stay in treatment until ONE PERSON (Marsha McLane) feels she is ready to release someone? Why would outside professionals make recommendations to fall on the deaf ears of ONE PERSON (Marsha McLane)? Why would internal evaluators (employees of TCCO and MTC) recommend men to be moved into the community only to be stalled by ONE PERSON (Marsha McLane)? Why would any treatment facility allow ONE PERSON (Marsha McLane) to decide treatment delays and stalling of release against others’ judgement? Why would the State of Texas claim to run a FOR PROFIT treatment facility that essentially is a life sentence post prison confinement for crimes men MIGHT commit and let ONE PERSON decide each man’s fate?

Why not let these men demonstrate their treatment progress out in the real community the way this program was written? Well, if you didn’t notice, ONE PERSON (Marsha McLane) keeps FOR PROFIT shadow prison beds full on purpose. This is NOT treatment; it is a life sentence because ONE PERSON (Marsha McLane) has a personal axe to grind. This is a constitutional violation of these individuals’ inalienable rights. TREATMENT IS NOT A LIFE SENTENCE!

These men are being held back in NUMBEROUS WAYS! MTC and TCCO are both responsible for holding men back. But ultimately, ONE PERSON (Marsha McLane) pulls the puppet strings for MTC and TCCO.

Some men are receiving OUTSTANDING REVIEWS from all areas of the biennial paper. Every page supports progress in treatment, moving forward with treatment, and looks to be in favor of working out to the community. But then, at the end there comes this: “At this time, it is the treatment provider’s opinion that

Mr. ___________ will benefit from continued Sex Offender Treatment at the Texas Civil Commitment Center.” Some would say that’s a surprise ending to an otherwise good story, but then there is ONE PERSON (Marsha McLane) that seals the deal every time. No release, no advancement, no chance in hell-shadow prison hell.


Why is MTC asking for volunteer workers over paid workers? Could it be that ONE PERSON (Marsha McLane) knows that men that don’t have money won’t be able to leave. So far, MTC has gotten rid of 15-18 paying jobs in the facility.

MTC is supposed to be working along with TCCO- the State agency that demands these men have jobs starting in Tier 4 to save enough money for the rare chance to go home. Alas, no job, no money, no chance-ONE PERSON (Marsha McLane).

The volunteers displace paid workers and create animosity between residents. How is this conducive to treatment in any form? But if men don’t volunteer, it could be used against them and set them back? Only ONE PERSON (Marsha McLane) could answer that, but she won’t. ONE PERSON (Marsha McLane) running it all sounds like a dictator running a gulag.

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