Ankle Deep in Sh!*

This January 20th week, the sewers backed up into the gym at the AGING TCCC facility. Apparently TCCO and MTC are losing their SH!*, literally!

This soupy biohazard was brought to the men by Marsha McLane and her big idea to expand the facility with 350 more men when the one there is already falling apart.

Let me just say:


PORTA POTTIES-$600/day per unit-Everyone had to go past the maintenance building just to go to the restroom.

NO WATER-The men went until after 1:00 PM before Schmoker Stooge could figure out how to buy water bottles.

NO SHOWERS, obviously.

MEDICALLY FRAGILE MEN THAT DON’T GET BASIC PREVENTATIVE MEDICAL CARE EXPOSE TO TOXIC SEWAGE. Don’t forget that Mastermind McLane asked the legislator for money to EXPAND preventative care. How about we just clear up the SH!*, Marsha? The only thing expanding is your bank account and waistline. There is NOT and HAS NOT been any preventative care to begin with courtesy of TCCO and MTC.


2 thoughts on “Ankle Deep in Sh!*

  1. That is the Best Idea,All Tax payers are paying her check,and we don’t need a prison after another prison. Let’s get that place Closed down. Medical,therapy and the people in that facility are not certified and these men are not being cared for as this facility is being paid to do.
    It is Against the Law to hold mail from these men…Justice will Prevail…In God we Trust…


  2. Hey let’s make sure this is out:
    The Construction going on at TCCC in Littlefield is being done by Bryan Collier the tdcj Executive Director,by his privately own Construction Co. the name of Co. is Collier Construction, Marsha McLane and the entire TCCO Board is involved in the Conspiracy of illegal Contract to Defraud the State & Federal Government of monies Allocated to TCCO &TCCC for personal gain. That is against the Law. He has gone in to TCCC with Marsha McLane for the view with his Construction on the expansion already. Make sure to let all State Representatives Aware of this happening.


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