We are hearing that the phones lines have been shut down. All cell phones have been collected. The men are locked in their prison cells (let’s call it what it is). No visitation is allowed. We are hearing this could be ongoing for at least a week.

Riddle me this: How do you operate a “treatment” facility with no treatment? How do you insure safety, when the men aren’t talking to anyone? How can this be therapeutic and not post prison confinement? Why are families not informed about why this is happening? Are they getting medical care? How do families know the men are safe?

We suggest you call MTC, TCCO, and any lawmakers or political figures that need to be called out. Sounds like Adult Protective Services should know about punishing ALL men in a “treatment” facility? This is NOT okay.

One thought on “TCCC LOCKED DOWN

  1. Its not ok, How can the Family be Supportive as we can’t even get answers,. MTC being under investigation need to be Suspended while investigation is being reviewed. Marsha McLane says that MTC can answer those questions,as I told her, I thought she was the Director of TCCC. We must continue to get these people to understand that we are the Families, and will not Step Back. Thank you for the information, MTC needs to be on lockout and not be able to run anything. Along with Collier who is the Executive director of tdcj being the construction person, for personal gain. Its not allow. How long to stop all the thief, they are getting paid for No therapy… That is Tax payer money. Let’s all Stay on them…. more documents happening. Also how do the rules for TCCC get changed? TCCO meeting is in Feb, please attend…more to come. We are in this together…


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