We’re bored and our life is uncertain. Holidays are short and empty. We’re overwhelmed with meaningless busy work and feel like rats in a maze trying to find our way out. People die here. Not like what is expected in prison or hospitals, but in exile. A death from the program where treatment is not the goal of this incarceration and many are too old, blind, crippled, and sick to participate in treatment or reoffend. Those just die in this concentration camp to be kept away from family and out of community. This life just shouldn’t go on supported by the State. It’s a very bad program with a very bad intent and even worse function. They’re trying to convince the general public that we present an unusual danger, and the program can somehow keep everyone safe. They’re trying to complicate a very simple counseling product to create a complex treatment model fitted to reduce our threat to the public. None of it is real except their power and control. The treatment is nothing more than what is used for common PTSD, drug and alcohol addiction, phobia intervention and recovery plans. This program is not even a medical or psychiatric program. It is a corrections program that is governed by the corrections house of representatives committee and managed by former prison and parole officials. They’re holding people in the criminal sentence fashion instead of treatment intent. This is what makes those officials and supporters evil. We’ve completed our prison sentences and the State is enabling the disingenuous motives of these officials, fringe psychiatrists, and prison corporations. Sex Offender Civil Commitment is not the sentiment of the public, and we know that it is continued and indefinite prison punishment. They make themselves look like victims when we don’t mind, obey, or comply with this isolation, abuse, and continued sentencing scheme. This fake treatment program uses extensive state sanctioned punishment schemes, solitary confinement, non-existent medical service and neglect to literally kill the majority of this small group of sex offenders. We will probably never return home or to the community, pursue our own happiness or liberty, or die with peace and dignity. We are the survivors of sex abuse and offending pasts and now suffering at the hands of a few retributive victim stance profiteers.

Our relationships are different from most. We grieve for each other differently than we would grieve for a spouse, family or close friend. Every time a peer dies in the program, we feel more helpless. Most relationships here are surrogative and few tears are shed between us, but we are very humane and empathetic toward each other. Death of our peers reinforces our pessimism and negative thoughts. The lucky and very few who have been released are no different than anyone else being held here, or any sex offender that didn’t get committed after serving their sentence.

Death certainly hurts all of us. We remember and respect the 32 deceased peers we’ve lost since arriving in 2015.

2016- Benito Davilla, Daniel Almaguera, Johnny Yabarra, Raul Quintero, Robert Shoemaker,                                           Robert Russell

2018- William Scott, John Graves

2019- Gilbert Gomez, David Petreas, Leonard Khalaja

2020- Daniel Frazier, Adolf Martinez, Edwin England, Rodney Haines, Melvin Estes,                     Luis Castillo, Anthony Henderson, John Walsh, William Weissinger

2021- Thomas Matlock, Terry Pair, Jerry Redfearn, Danny Connely, Daryl Holt

2022- Robert Luna, James Gollihar, Lorne Clark, Donnie Bunn, John Davis, Robert Beasley

2023- Juan Vella


  1. Thank you for this information, it will be shared with the Court so they will continue to know what is really happening and stop ignoring what is said from different people. Yes yesterday tdcj was at TCCC in Littlefield, and no business being there. These people will get caught,as they will keep saying,its not a prison,this place is over crowded and they are also past occupancy.


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