House Appropriations Testimony

Please watch as members of F.A.C.T.S. (Families Against Committing Texans Stand-Up) and others testify before the House Appropriations Committee and speak out against TCCO, MTC, and TCCC. You can go straight to the video at 2:12:53 on the time stamp.

Now is the time to reach out to legislators and tell them your concerns!! Call them NOW!!

Here are members to contact:

  • Representative Alma Allen 521.463.0744
  • Representative Jacey Jetton 512.463.0710
  • Representative Toni Rose 512.463.0664
  • Representative Donna Howard 512.463.0631
  • Representative Angelia Orr 512.463.0600
  • Representative Lynn Stucky 512.463.0582
  • Representative Gene Wu 512.463.0492
  • Representative Carl Sherman 512.463.0953
  • Representative Gary Gates 512.463.0657

3 thoughts on “House Appropriations Testimony

  1. Thank you for sharing. Great presentation. Hope to hear more at tomorrow’s CURE Civil Commitment call.


  2. I just want to say thank you for your bravery to testify before the House of Appropriations! Everyone’s testimony was significant and heartfelt. I


  3. Awesome Lets get their attention, They need to put a Stop to Civil Commitment. That is nothing but Therapy by people who are not even certified. Governor needs to put a Stop to all that Taxpayers money,Millions of $$. As those men are released,they still get to go back to another therapist…No sense!! All the Reps…Call them….
    These men have done their time and those State Counsel for Offenders are not helping those men. They are being paid. Let’s get the 9th Court of Appeals to make Decisions on mens documents like the Habeas Corpus that has been in front of them for 10 years already,yet they are not sure…How long does that take for the Courts to Decide???
    Why do they act like the previous Judge Seiler?? So Bad!! Whats Wrong with the System??


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