2 thoughts on “Smoke and Mirrors…House Committee for Corrections Testimony

  1. Hey,
    The lady Marsha is a Liar and used to be a tdcj officer,her credentials will be checked. As the statement she made that they are High Risk offenders,that’s a lie,along with they were taken to Court where they last had a conviction,hell no it was in 435th Court with Judge Seiler whom was facing criminal charges himself,but got away,like Allison Taylor.
    These Men need to be free,as their Time is completed. Another lie as all her therapist are certified,not even she is Certified.
    Her World is coming to an End Soon!!! These people need to face Criminal Charges, Whitmire thinks he got away…not to worry!
    That Hell Hole needs to End! More to Come…


    1. I think McLane was referring to the latest men that have civilly committed, not the first 200 or so. The latest men have to go back to the court where they had a conviction.
      Another confusion is about the therapists. So, all the therapists that work there do have a license-either fully licensed or an intern license, but still licensed to practice by the state of Texas.


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