Make an Impact…Pick Up the Phone

In recent months and days, several people have testified in front of Texas senators and representatives about the injustices of the Texas Civil Commitment Center and the Texas Civil Commitment Office. In addition, several have held meetings with Texas senators and representatives to have more intimate discussions about the REAL conditions and motives behind this sham of a shadow prison.

If you want to make an impact, pick up the phone and start calling senators and representatives. Below you will find links that have all the contact information you need to reach out to anyone in office. Nothing will change at TCCC until we get policy to change and that takes lawmakers. Please take time to call and reach out to as many as you can. Your time and voice could be the one thing we need to tip the iceberg!

The following members have been willing to talk to people representing the men at TCCC:

Lorri Kennedy, District Director

Office of State Representative Toni Rose | District 110

District Office 214.371.3300 | Fax 214.371.3304

RayVon Addison, Legislative Aide

Office of State Representative Carl Sherman

Paige Dodge, LMSW, MSCJ, Chief of Staff

Rep. Gene Wu | HD 137

Phone: 512-463-0492

3 thoughts on “Make an Impact…Pick Up the Phone

  1. We need more people to voice all that is in this so called treatment Center,it looks like a Prison being run like a prison. How was your visit Murphy? I hope you have made them see all the wrong going on with Marsha and her group called TCCO.


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