Google Got It Right, Blinded by the Light, and School’s Out Forever

The image above is from a basic search on Google for the Texas Civil Commitment Center. Even Google know it is a PRISON. The only thing they didn’t include was words like post-prison confinement, shadow prison, fear mongering, warehousing, and left to die. No one will admit the truth because it would result in losing a for-profit venture and tens of millions of dollars. This whole program could be embedded into the TDCJ system and result in releases without post prison confinement. It could also shift tens of millions of dollars to prevention education and treatment for victims. BUT that would make sense. Google got it right… Prison in Littlefield, Texas.

Why has TCCC taken the covers off lights to make it impossible to sleep soundly? Do they intend to make all the residents, prisoners, sleep-deprived? Why would you make a change that seems to have no other benefit than to punish (yet again, in another way)? Maybe this is in response to Marsha McLane, “Catching a lot of flak” for the testimony of people in Austin. What ever the case, it is obvious that these men are intended to be blinded by the light.

Marsha McLane responded to Senate testimony that additional programming includes “basic adult education and GED classes”. Interestingly enough, Jessika Marsh responded to a recent email from a member of FACTS (Families Against Committing Texans Stand-up) that ZERO residents have earned a GED since the facility-prison opened in 2015. She went on to respond that ZERO residents are waiting to take their GED. We know of at least one resident-prisoner is ready to take the test, but obviously, it has not been scheduled. Is this just another way to keep men longer without a clear path to release? Looks like school’s out FOREVER.

2 thoughts on “Google Got It Right, Blinded by the Light, and School’s Out Forever

  1. You are so right! This is just extended prison with no chance of completely being free ever! It’s all a lie and continued punishment period.


  2. It was always intended to be a life time prison.If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, it’s a duck! They think that they will get away with this forever! I pray they don’t!


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