The Dobbs Wire: The Recall!

The Recall:  Reframed is a new short film that premiered earlier this year in a NYC documentary festival.  It’s now getting wider distribution and attention, Jeannie Suk Gersen heralds the film in a piece for The New Yorker, below.  The Recall’s director, Rebecca Richman Cohen, is a producer of Untouchable, David Feige’s award-winning 2016 documentary about the sex offense registry. 

The Recall is about the judge in the Brock Turner case, Aaron Persky, who sentenced Turner to “six months in jail, three years of probation, and lifetime sex-offender registration.”  The case quickly became national news with many reports emphasizing the six month jail time while giving short shirt to the other parts of his punishment. A more complete picture of the price Turner paid would include the jail time, probation, registration and a criminal record with three felony convictions.  As lifetime sex offense registration and a three-felony record are surefire life and career wreckers – how could anyone conclude that Persky was ‘lenient’ in this case?

Lousy reporting – media malfeasance – about the sentence paved the way for a big and loud crowd to demand Persky’s head.  The Recall’s importance is raising questions about the campaign to remove Persky from the bench, whether the recall was justified or wise.  If this film reveals problems with Persky’s removal, what of other parts of the Turner case?   There’s a long history of high profile cases unraveling years later.  One hopes for a second closer look at the prosecution of Brock Turner.  –Bill Dobbs, The Dobbs Wire   Drop us a line if you would like to join The Dobbs Wire email list or have something to say:   Twitter: @thedobbswire

Website for The Recall:  Reframed

Read the article from the New Yorker here:

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