No Room at The Inn and Safety Takes a Back Seat at TCCC

It was reported that a man imprisoned at the Texas Civil Commitment Center was ready to leave the Secure Management Unit (SMU), but there were no beds available for him. Apparently, he was supposed to sleep on the bottom bunk due to medical accommodations.  However, with beds being placed in the dayrooms due to lack of space because of overcrowding, there were no bottom bunks available.

This man had to either choose to stay isolated in SMU or take a top bunk. He chose the latter. This didn’t align with his accommodations, but he wasn’t given a choice about the top or bottom bunk. Somehow, he fell out of his forced top bunk choice. 

He was transported by ambulance to a Lubbock hospital where he was placed on life support with no chance of any reasonable recovery from his injuries. It has been reported that the family was called by TCCO and told they could pay for the life support costs because TCCO would not continue care due to his prognosis. The family is coming to Texas to say their goodbyes. Sadly, this man joins 33 other men who have died while imprisoned in the Texas Civil Commitment Center and under the care of Marsha McLane. Please join us in praying for this man and his family.

2 thoughts on “No Room at The Inn and Safety Takes a Back Seat at TCCC

  1. They don’t care! The most corrupted , ungodly, unethical organization in God’s world! ALL of you who mistreat these children of God are going to be punished severely if not going to hell! Not only Marsha Mcwitch but the officers that condone this mistreatment. A lot of these men have served their time, paid for their crimes and will
    answer to God in the end. And SO WILL THE OVERSEERS OF THIS SO CALLED TREATMENT CENTER! Prayers for this man and his family. 💙🙏🏻


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