Supreme Court Declines To Hear Louisiana’s Defense of a Law That Stamped ‘SEX OFFENDER’ on Driver’s Licenses

reason: by Jacob Sullum;  10.4.2021 5:00 PM ____________________________________________________________________ The U.S. Supreme Court today declined to hear Louisiana’s appeal of a decision against its 2006 law requiring that people on the state’s sex offender registry carry IDs or driver’s licenses that say “SEX OFFENDER” in orange capital letters. A year ago, the Louisiana Supreme Court concluded that the requirement amounted to compelledContinue reading “Supreme Court Declines To Hear Louisiana’s Defense of a Law That Stamped ‘SEX OFFENDER’ on Driver’s Licenses”


TACC will be at the NARSOL conference speaking and hosting a table. Come join us!! The National Association for Rational Sexual Offense Laws (NARSOL) will convene October 8-10 in Houston, Texas for a program of presentations and workshops from attorneys, researchers, activists, and other notable people in the field of criminal justice reform. GO TO NARSOL’SContinue reading “JOIN US AT NARSOL”


GUEST BLOG #7 by a Resident at the Texas Civil Commitment Center; Sept. 29, 2021 I have some great news for fellow Texans. Governor Greg Abbott is going to eliminate rape from Texas. He hasn’t discussed his superpower that is going to predetermine potential rapist, yet, but he has promised to get all rapists offContinue reading “SEGMENT 7 – STAGNANT”

“Left in the Dark”​ | Covid Behind Bars

the drift: APRIL HARRIS, CHRISTOPHER BLACKWELL, COREY DEVON ARTHUR, DARLA JONES, FELIX SITTHIVONG, JOEL CASTÓN, OLETHUS HILL JR., PATRICK STEPHENS, WESLEY WILLIAMS; ISSUE 5  | SEPTEMBER 23, 2021 _______________________________________________________________________ Almost as soon as the Covid-19 pandemic was declared, writers rushed to narrativize the social experiment that was “lockdown.” Some of the reports, including those on the risks undertaken by workers newly deemed “essential,” have felt necessaryContinue reading ““Left in the Dark”​ | Covid Behind Bars”


TX Civ Commitment Center 2600 S. Sunset Ave., Littlefield, TX 79339 Expose 453 Words By A TCCC Resident The Texas Civil Commitment Office (TCCO) and the contractor, Management & Trading Corporation (MTC) operating the Texas Civil Commitment Center (TCCC) have created a slave labor camp. From the day this facility opened, inmates have labored forContinue reading “SLAVE LABOR AT THE TEXAS CIVIL COMMITMENT CENTER”

Management & Training Corp. Struggles to Maintain Market Share

PRISON LEGAL NEWS: by Gary Hunter; September 15, 2007 ______________________________________________________________________ For-profit private prison operator Management & Training Corporation (MTC) has recently lost lucrative contracts to run prisons in the United States and Canada. While the private prison industry is dominated by industry giants Corrections Corporation of America, Geo Corporation and Cornell Corrections, a number ofContinue reading “Management & Training Corp. Struggles to Maintain Market Share”

Restorative Justice’s Role in Criminal Justice Reform

ACADEMIA Letters: Kenneth Lang, Glenville State College; August 2021 __________________________________________________________________ IntroductionWith the murder of George Floyd in May 2020, and now the conviction of Minneapolis Police Officer Derrick Chauvin, decries to defund the police and institute genuine criminal justice reform continue to echo across this nation. Officials have struggled to grapple with the turn inContinue reading “Restorative Justice’s Role in Criminal Justice Reform”

Case challenging constitutionality of the Minnesota Sex Offender Program can move forward

Federal court to decide if state’s treatment system is constitutional.  Star Tribune: By Chris Serres;  FEBRUARY 24, 2021 — 6:10PM ________________________________________________________________________ A protracted case challenging the constitutionality of Minnesota’s system for treating sex offenders outside prison has gained new life after a federal appeals court in St. Louis ruled that claims contesting the program’s unusual conditionsContinue reading “Case challenging constitutionality of the Minnesota Sex Offender Program can move forward”

Making Sex Offenders Pay — and Pay and Pay and Pay (Ep. 208)

FREAKONOMICS RADIO: by Stephen J. Dubner Produced by: Suzie Lechtenberg; June 10, 2015 @ 11:00pm _______________________________________________________________________ Our latest Freakonomics Radio episode is called “Making Sex Offenders Pay — and Pay and Pay and Pay.” (You can subscribe to the podcast at iTunes or elsewhere, get the RSS feed, or listen via the media player above. You can also read the transcript, which includes creditsContinue reading “Making Sex Offenders Pay — and Pay and Pay and Pay (Ep. 208)”

What will it take for media to show integrity in reporting about sexual crime?

NARSOL: by Sandy; August 27, 2021 ________________________________________________________________________ We are used to law enforcement, district attorneys, legislators, and even judges making statements that amount to lies. In an opinion he wrote, a Colorado justice said, “Study after study has shown that sex offenders have one of the highest likelihoods of reoffending once they are released from custody.”Continue reading “What will it take for media to show integrity in reporting about sexual crime?”