Littlefield TCCC has a tremendous turnover with clinical therapists. From September 1, 2015 to September 8, 2020, 25 clinical therapists have come and gone from the facility. This has a definite impact on continuity of clinical treatment. Many treatment services are not compliant due to the extreme turnover. On average this means, residents have newContinue reading “HIGH TURNOVER”

Editorial: Indefinite Imprisonment, on a Hunch

New York Times: Aug. 15, 2015, by The Editorial Board ___________________________________________________ The essence of the American criminal justice system is reactive, not predictive: You are punished for the crime you committed. You can’t be punished simply because you might commit one someday. You certainly can’t be held indefinitely to prevent that possibility. And yet thatContinue reading “Editorial: Indefinite Imprisonment, on a Hunch”

They served their prison sentences, but they’re still locked up

Southern Poverty Law Center: Feb. 16, 2018, by The Editors ___________________________________________________ SOURCE: https://www.splcenter.org/news/2018/02/16/weekend-read-they-served-their-prison-sentences-theyre-still-locked The David Prescott essay I mentioned is the second piece, below… The Dobbs Wire:  Liberty stolen.  Legislators have created an extraordinary array of harsh laws for individuals convicted of sex offenses.  Prison terms are commonplace while twenty states and the federal governmentContinue reading “They served their prison sentences, but they’re still locked up”

Jeff Lowry: “Sexually Violent Predator Civil Commitment, The Money Pit”

Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/bfSPXQp5BTE Sep 23, 2013 Jeff Lowry, San Bernardino County California Public Defender talks about the costly but largely ineffective SVP laws in place in 20 states. Recorded Sunday September 1, 2013 at the RSOL National Conference in Los Angeles.


A statewide resource for individuals impacted by registration and civil commitment. Texas Voices info@texasvoices.org 877-215-6688 Texas Voices For Reason & JusticeP.O. Box 23539San Antonio, Texas 78223 Our Statement Texas Voices For Reason and Justice is a statewide, non-profit, volunteer organization devoted to promoting a more balanced, effective, and rational criminal justice system. TVRJ advocates forContinue reading “TEXAS VOICE FOR REASON AND JUSTICE”

“My Wish is for Someone to See This and Stop the Madness.”

by CURRENT RESIDENT at TCCC I got out of prison on March 29, 2013. I went to the Ben Reed facility and three-quarter house. During the family session with Dr. Nicholas Ed, he began to bully my wife by saying, “If you truly loved your husband, you’d follow my orders and be here in HoustonContinue reading ““My Wish is for Someone to See This and Stop the Madness.””

Modern-Day Gulag In the Golden State

The Washington Spectator: June 4, 2019, by Barbara Koeppel ___________________________________________________ “No matter that the men already served their prison time. Or that psychologists, psychiatrists and lawyers I interviewed insist that very few should be confined—that instead, the vast majority, many of whom are elderly or ill, should be let out.” Read More – Click Here: https://washingtonspectator.org/koeppel-gulags/

What We Don’t Talk About When We Talk About #MeToo

Essays on Sex, Authority and the Mess of Life By JoAnn Wypijewski >>>https://www.versobooks.com/books/3178-what-we-don-t-talk-about-when-we-talk-about-metoo Description:  What if we took sex out of the box marked “special,” the contents of which are either the worst or best thing a person can experience, and considered it within the complexity of human life in general? In this extraordinary book, andContinue reading “What We Don’t Talk About When We Talk About #MeToo”

Stranger Danger: Family Values, Childhood, and the American Carceral State

By Paul M. Renfro Order from the publisher, Oxford University Press >>>https://global.oup.com/academic/product/stranger-danger-9780190913984?cc=us&lang=en& Description:  Beginning with Etan Patz’s disappearance in Manhattan in 1979, a spate of high-profile cases of missing and murdered children stoked anxieties about the threats of child kidnapping and exploitation. Publicized through an emerging twenty-four-hour news cycle, these cases supplied evidence of what someContinue reading “Stranger Danger: Family Values, Childhood, and the American Carceral State”