i’ll be glad when christmas is over

by punkie 2017 when christmas is overi won’t have to pretendto feel jolly and brightwhen I’m empty within i’ve no brothers or sistersmy family’s all gonethere’s nothing but darknesswhere once the sun shone what’s that you say?be of good cheer?how can I? who would?i cry through my tears my friends all have childrenor parents orContinue reading “i’ll be glad when christmas is over”

Locked Up For Good—Or Forgotten?

Minnesota has the highest per-capita commitment rate of sex offenders nationwide, and one of the lowest release rates Minnesota Monthly: John Rosengren; April 19, 2022 The Minnesota Sex Offender Program housed at Moose Lake is tucked away in the woods, off State Highway 73, about 120 miles north of Minneapolis. The high-security facility surrounded by fencesContinue reading “Locked Up For Good—Or Forgotten?”

The Dobbs Wire:  Do we need the sex offense registry?

Counting registrants, family members and significant others, the number of people directly impacted by sex offense registration laws in the U.S. is estimated at several million.  Every state has had a registry for at least 25 years and politicians continually push for  harsher registration requirements.  These are all good reasons to question the registry.  DavidContinue reading “The Dobbs Wire:  Do we need the sex offense registry?”

Another request for your help from supporters of the civil commits at Moose Lake 

New DOC threats against a leader of the non-violent protests against civil commitment facility at Moose Lake, Minnesota. First Daniel Wilson and a dozen others civil commits were placed in the disciplinary unit at Moose Lake without any due process for their protests against Minnesota’s civil commitment program. Now, Charlie Sullivan of National CURE informs us thatContinue reading Another request for your help from supporters of the civil commits at Moose Lake