Long Weekend Protest Rocks Minnesota’s Shadow Prisons

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 8.17.21 Contact: Detainees & OCEAN Co-Founders Russell Hatton; Daniel Wilson: 218-351-1900, ex 70887; 106021; End MSOP Coalition Contact: David Boehnke, 651-315-4222, dboehnke@gmail.com Long Weekend Protest Rocks Minnesota’s Shadow Prisons MOOSE LAKE MN. Behind barbed wire fences a protest movement is swelling for an end to Minnesota’s Shadow Prisons, “treatment facilities” that detaineesContinue reading “Long Weekend Protest Rocks Minnesota’s Shadow Prisons”

“Stop This Terrible Program”

My son, Rodney D. Pollard, was released from TDCJ January 24, 2015, one day before serving his entire sentence of 20 years. As a sex offender, he had completed sex offender rehabilitation therapy at the Hightower unit near Dayton Texas. This program has been wonderfully successful, with a recidivism rate of only about 3%, forContinue reading ““Stop This Terrible Program””

As courts censure civil detention practices, is it time for professionals to speak up?

Prison Legal News: September 14, 2015, David S. Prescott ___________________________________________________ “At what point do professionals in these settings openly acknowledge to them/ourselves that we are participating in systems that are openly unconstitutional and therefore unlawful according to the standards of much of the Western world?” By David Prescott is Director of Professional Development for a youth servicesorganizationContinue reading “As courts censure civil detention practices, is it time for professionals to speak up?”

The Feminist and the Sex Offender

Confronting Sexual Harm, Ending State Violence By Judith Levine and Erica R. Meiners >>> https://www.versobooks.com/books/3176-the-feminist-and-the-sex-offender Description:  In the era of #MeToo and mass incarceration, The Feminist and the Sex Offender makes a powerful feminist case for accountability without punishment and sexual safety and pleasure without injustice.  With analytical clarity and narrative force, Levine and Meiner’s book contends with twoContinue reading “The Feminist and the Sex Offender”

Locked Up for What You MIGHT do…

The Texas Observer: February 12, 2018 by Michael Barajas @michaelsbarajas___________________________________________________ “State officials claim Texas’ new civil commitment program is designed to rehabilitate the men. But their families and friends argue the state has simply stashed them in a for-profit prison on the outskirts of the state, far away from the support services they’ll need if there’sContinue reading “Locked Up for What You MIGHT do…”

“Living Death Sentence”

Prison Legal News: February, 2017, Author is Not Listed ___________________________________________________ “I saw guys that were in there eight, nine, ten years and never saw the inside of a courtroom, and if the state has their way about it, they won’t,” said a former FCCC resident identified only as David, who spent 4½ years at FCCC. “EverythingContinue reading ““Living Death Sentence””

“Broken beyond anyone’s imagination” – The for-profit civil commitment center.

Florida Action Committee: Feb 19, 2018, Author is Not Listed ___________________________________________________ For those who believe there’s something inherently wrong with incarcerating people “for profit”, consider adding the element of incarcerating them indefinitely! Where’s the incentive for providing treatment? If they treat them and they get released, the private prisons stop profiting off that person. IfContinue reading ““Broken beyond anyone’s imagination” – The for-profit civil commitment center.”