Prison contractor MTC accused of billing Texas millions for inmate treatment programs it didn’t provide

The Texas Tribune: BY JOLIE MCCULLOUGH;  NOV. 22, 20225 AM CENTRAL (JUST A NOTE ABOUT THIS POST: Are they including The Texas Commitment Center in this investigation? Keep in mind that NOTHING goes on with MTC that the Texas Civil Commitment Office does not approve. We know that therapy has been practically non-existent during Covid andContinue reading “Prison contractor MTC accused of billing Texas millions for inmate treatment programs it didn’t provide”

Joint Budget Hearing: Health and Human Services Commission and Texas Civil Commitment Office

Please watch the video to hear testimony about the Texas Civil Commitment Office and Public Comment. These are some times in the video to pay particular attention to as it relates to the Texas Civil Commitment Office and the Texas Civil Commitment Center: 25:44, 1:54:04, 2:38:04, 2:45:54, 2:56:00, 3:15:59.

ust Future Project | Sep. 20, 2022

Victory in Supreme Court of Virginia against out-of-control prosecution Justices declare effort targeting leading advocate illegal, ending 5-year court battle On Thursday, the highest court in Virginia ended the Commonwealth’s 13-year campaign to indefinitely detain a prominent advocate on criminal justice matters, Galen Baughman. In a victory for justice the Supreme Court ruled that the petition filed against BaughmanContinue reading “ust Future Project | Sep. 20, 2022”

Corrections House of Representatives Committee Hearing

The following link is to a video of a Texas House of Representatives Committee Hearing on Corrections that took place on August 10 2022. Marsha McLane testifies. I encourage you all to listen for the difference between what she says and what is actually happening at TCCC. The Representatives on the committee can be foundContinue reading “Corrections House of Representatives Committee Hearing”

Locked Up For Good—Or Forgotten?

Minnesota has the highest per-capita commitment rate of sex offenders nationwide, and one of the lowest release rates Minnesota Monthly: John Rosengren; April 19, 2022 The Minnesota Sex Offender Program housed at Moose Lake is tucked away in the woods, off State Highway 73, about 120 miles north of Minneapolis. The high-security facility surrounded by fencesContinue reading “Locked Up For Good—Or Forgotten?”