The Dobbs Wire:  Shadow Prisons??   Prison Policy Initiative, a criminal justice think tank, has an important new post shining a spotlight on little-known ‘shadow prisons’ which exist in states around the country.  That’s where thousands are locked up indefinitely–individuals who have already been punished!  They’ve finished a prison sentence, paid the price, and should be releasedContinue reading “STRAIGHT FROM THE DOBBS WIRE!”

No Room at The Inn and Safety Takes a Back Seat at TCCC

It was reported that a man imprisoned at the Texas Civil Commitment Center was ready to leave the Secure Management Unit (SMU), but there were no beds available for him. Apparently, he was supposed to sleep on the bottom bunk due to medical accommodations.  However, with beds being placed in the dayrooms due to lackContinue reading “No Room at The Inn and Safety Takes a Back Seat at TCCC”

The Dobbs Wire: The Recall!

The Recall:  Reframed is a new short film that premiered earlier this year in a NYC documentary festival.  It’s now getting wider distribution and attention, Jeannie Suk Gersen heralds the film in a piece for The New Yorker, below.  The Recall’s director, Rebecca Richman Cohen, is a producer of Untouchable, David Feige’s award-winning 2016 documentary aboutContinue reading “The Dobbs Wire: The Recall!”

Google Got It Right, Blinded by the Light, and School’s Out Forever

The image above is from a basic search on Google for the Texas Civil Commitment Center. Even Google know it is a PRISON. The only thing they didn’t include was words like post-prison confinement, shadow prison, fear mongering, warehousing, and left to die. No one will admit the truth because it would result in losingContinue reading “Google Got It Right, Blinded by the Light, and School’s Out Forever”

Make an Impact…Pick Up the Phone

In recent months and days, several people have testified in front of Texas senators and representatives about the injustices of the Texas Civil Commitment Center and the Texas Civil Commitment Office. In addition, several have held meetings with Texas senators and representatives to have more intimate discussions about the REAL conditions and motives behind thisContinue reading “Make an Impact…Pick Up the Phone”

House Appropriations Testimony

Please watch as members of F.A.C.T.S. (Families Against Committing Texans Stand-Up) and others testify before the House Appropriations Committee and speak out against TCCO, MTC, and TCCC. You can go straight to the video at 2:12:53 on the time stamp. Now is the time to reach out to legislators and tell them your concerns!! CallContinue reading “House Appropriations Testimony”