In Virginia one of the twenty states that has civil commitment, Senator Joseph Morrissey stated the following: Nothing shocked me more than to find out that there were people who have completed a 20-year sentence — they have served the maximum time: 17 years — and then they were being committed civilly. Why? Because they might commitContinue reading “END THE APPALLING PRACTICE OF CIVIL COMMITMENT”

Commentary: Civil Commitment Statutes—40 Years of Circumvention

Journal American Academy Psychiatry Law 38:365– 8, 2010: William H. Fisher, PhD, and Thomas Grisso, PhD ____________________________________________________ “Civil commitment statutes are in many ways social peculiarities. Like criminal codes, they allow the state to deprive individuals of liberty, but unlike those codes, commitment statutes, while more narrowly constructed now than a half century ago, areContinue reading “Commentary: Civil Commitment Statutes—40 Years of Circumvention”


HAPPENING NOW AT THE TEXAS CIVIL COMMITMENT CENTER IN LITTLEFIELD, TX! The kitchen workers have gotten sick many times now…The T-4s were working in the kitchen and now they’ve tested positive. So MTC had a group of T-3s work in the kitchen. These men were from a wing that had all been negative from Covid. SomeContinue reading “BREAKING NEWS-ADVOCATE FOR YOUR FAMILY”

COVID-19 hits Missouri’s controversial program for sexually violent predators

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Jesse Bogan; December 2, 2020 ____________________________________________________ Last year, shortly after Donald D. Peckham was committed to a high-security mental institution for being a sexually violent predator, his public defender said he was essentially facing a life sentence. Few might care, given the types of crimes the former pastor pleaded guilty to. ButContinue reading “COVID-19 hits Missouri’s controversial program for sexually violent predators”


THE LANCET: Prof. Eric S. Janus; Published December 2004 ___________________________________________________ “SVP laws are both legally and morally controversial because they incarcerate individuals in anticipation of future predicted crimes. Their adoption of the civil commitment form appears to be ill-fitting and contrived. Most sex offenders are not incompetent and do not have the kinds of psychoticContinue reading “PUNISHED BEFORE THE CRIME”


“In 2010, the two largest private prison companies alone received nearly $3 billion dollars in revenue, and their top executives, according to one source, each received annual compensation packages worth well over $3 million.” The Texas Civil Commitment Center (TCCO) increased requests for funds from $12.2 Million to $19.9 Million from 2016 to 2021. That is aContinue reading “CALL STATE SENATORS AND CONTACT ORGANIZATIONS TO DEMAND JUSTICE FOR TIME SERVED!”

Let’s Stamp Out Perversion

CATO UNBOUND-A Journal of Debate: Amanda Pustlinik, June 9, 2015 ___________________________________________________ The civil commitment of sexually violent predators (SVPs) is designed to protect society’s vulnerable from a group of perverts and monsters. What could be wrong with this? Only everything. The current SVP civil commitment regime is itself a perversion – of facts, of medical ethics,Continue reading “Let’s Stamp Out Perversion”

Our Deeply Flawed Civil Commitment System

CATO UNBOUND-A Journal Debate: David Prescott, June 3, 2015 ___________________________________________________ The inherent problems in sexual offender civil commitment should concern all citizens. Mr. Baughman’s article addresses a number of concerns worthy of exploration. There is no question that some sex offenders are truly dangerous and that the public is understandably concerned. As currently practiced, however, civilContinue reading “Our Deeply Flawed Civil Commitment System”

All Fear All the Time

“All Fear, All the Time: Whatever Happened to the Home of the Brave?” Creator of the book, blog and movement FREE RANGE KIDS Lenore Skenazy (“America’s Worst Mom”) talks about our fear driven society and the ways that parents are brain-washed into believing that danger is everywhere just waiting to snatch our kids. Recorded onContinue reading “All Fear All the Time”

Expanding Civil Commitment Laws Is Bad Mental Health Policy

HEALTH AFFAIRS: Morgan C. Shields and Ari Ne’eman, April 6 2018 ___________________________________________________ In response to last month’s devastating school shooting in Parkland, Florida, some—including President Donald Trump—have called for an expansion of civil commitment laws to make it easier to institutionalize people with psychiatric disabilities. A week after the shooting, the President said: “Years ago, weContinue reading “Expanding Civil Commitment Laws Is Bad Mental Health Policy”