“The specifics of the Littlefield story should horrify the community”

TODO Austin: April 5, 2018, Cate Graziani, Grassroots Leadership ___________________________________________________ “ I hate to say we told you so. In this case, I really, really hate it. An exposé in the Texas Observer in the month of February confirmed everything we feared about the Treatment Industrial Complex (TIC), a term we use to describe private prison companies’ scheme to expand their revenue byContinue reading ““The specifics of the Littlefield story should horrify the community””

Due Process – Civil Commitment

DueProcessTV: Aired February 25, 2017, Hosted by Sandra King On Part II of our series on the tragedy of wrongful rape convictions, Rodney reveals the truth about civil commitment – and the 10 years he lost to it. Joining him in the Rutgers Law moot courtroom: Professor Jenny-Brooke Condon, director of Seton Hall Law School’sContinue reading “Due Process – Civil Commitment”


VICE: April 12, 2016, 11:00pm, Aviva Stahl “Civil commitment raises a host of legal and ethical issues. Lawyers contest its constitutionality. Treatments tend to focus on how detainees should manage or change their “deviant” tendencies rather than advancing a more holistic approach to rehabilitation, an approach some experts say is ineffective and inhumane. But forContinue reading “LOCKED UP FOREVER”

New Report Finds — Surprise — Indigent Defense Attorneys Shouldn’t be Under the Control of the State Prison System

Texas Observer: Jan. 11, 2018, by Michael Barajas ___________________________________________________ The Texas prison system controls an agency tasked with defending poor inmates accused of crimes inside Texas prisons. What could possibly go wrong? A new report by a committee of the State Bar of Texas aims to draw attention to a glaringly obvious conflict of interestContinue reading “New Report Finds — Surprise — Indigent Defense Attorneys Shouldn’t be Under the Control of the State Prison System”


Mental Health America; adopted December 5, 2015, Position Statement 55 ___________________________________________________ Position Statement 55: Confining Sexual Predators In The Mental Health System CRIMINAL JUSTICE ISSUES “At least twenty states [1] and the Federal government [2] have passed various versions of what has come to be called “sexual predator” legislation.  These laws provide for indefinite involuntary commitment of people whoContinue reading ““PUNISHMENT RATHER THAN TREATMENT””

As courts censure civil detention practices, is it time for professionals to speak up?

Prison Legal News: September 14, 2015, David S. Prescott ___________________________________________________ “At what point do professionals in these settings openly acknowledge to them/ourselves that we are participating in systems that are openly unconstitutional and therefore unlawful according to the standards of much of the Western world?” By David Prescott is Director of Professional Development for a youth servicesorganizationContinue reading “As courts censure civil detention practices, is it time for professionals to speak up?”

Judge in controversial sex offender program under fire

Critics say Montgomery County jurist’s version of Texas justice crosses the line Houston Chronicle: Dec. 30, 2014 Updated: Jan. 23, 2015 5:15 p.m., Anita Hassan and Mike Ward  ___________________________________________________ CONROE – Sixteen times in the past four months, defense attorneys have petitioned to have him removed from hearing cases because of perceived bias. Eight times he has gotten theContinue reading “Judge in controversial sex offender program under fire”


Littlefield TCCC has a tremendous turnover with clinical therapists. From September 1, 2015 to September 8, 2020, 25 clinical therapists have come and gone from the facility. This has a definite impact on continuity of clinical treatment. Many treatment services are not compliant due to the extreme turnover. On average this means, residents have newContinue reading “HIGH TURNOVER”

Editorial: Indefinite Imprisonment, on a Hunch

New York Times: Aug. 15, 2015, by The Editorial Board ___________________________________________________ The essence of the American criminal justice system is reactive, not predictive: You are punished for the crime you committed. You can’t be punished simply because you might commit one someday. You certainly can’t be held indefinitely to prevent that possibility. And yet thatContinue reading “Editorial: Indefinite Imprisonment, on a Hunch”

They served their prison sentences, but they’re still locked up

Southern Poverty Law Center: Feb. 16, 2018, by The Editors ___________________________________________________ SOURCE: https://www.splcenter.org/news/2018/02/16/weekend-read-they-served-their-prison-sentences-theyre-still-locked The David Prescott essay I mentioned is the second piece, below… The Dobbs Wire:  Liberty stolen.  Legislators have created an extraordinary array of harsh laws for individuals convicted of sex offenses.  Prison terms are commonplace while twenty states and the federal governmentContinue reading “They served their prison sentences, but they’re still locked up”