Locked Up For Good—Or Forgotten?

Minnesota has the highest per-capita commitment rate of sex offenders nationwide, and one of the lowest release rates Minnesota Monthly: John Rosengren; April 19, 2022 The Minnesota Sex Offender Program housed at Moose Lake is tucked away in the woods, off State Highway 73, about 120 miles north of Minneapolis. The high-security facility surrounded by fencesContinue reading “Locked Up For Good—Or Forgotten?”

Sex crime rehab under fire

Critics say supposed ‘treatment’ program is punitive Houston Chronicle: Anita Hassan and Mike Ward, January 3, 2015 ____________________________________________________________________________ Just a note: As you read this article from 2015, please think of how this compares to the current situation in Littlefield at the TCCC. If you have loved ones there, I encourage you to post repliesContinue reading “Sex crime rehab under fire”


Northwestern University Law Review: Arielle W. Tolman; Vol. 113, No. 1, 2018 _______________________________________________________________________ ABSTRACT—Today, an estimated 5400 people are civilly committed understate and federal sex offender programs. This Note surveys these civilcommitment regimes and finds that seventeen jurisdictions (sixteen statesand the federal government) have enacted legislative schemes that authorizethe indefinite civil detention of people chargedContinue reading “SEX OFFENDER CIVIL COMMITMENT TOPRISON POST-KINGSLEY”

Commitment Through Fear: Mandatory Jury Trials and Substantive Due Process Violations in the Civil Commitment of Sex Offenders in Illinois

Chicago-Kent Law Review: Michael Zolfo; August 9, 2018 ———————————————————————————————————— The issue of the constitutionality of SVP programs is a difficult one,both legally and politically. Because of the nature of sex offenders andsexually violent crimes, there is little to no public advocacy for the rights ofsex offenders. Much of the public would rather risk the constitutionallibertiesContinue reading “Commitment Through Fear: Mandatory Jury Trials and Substantive Due Process Violations in the Civil Commitment of Sex Offenders in Illinois”

How Likely Is “Likely To Reoffend” in Sex Offender Civil Commitment Trials?

Law and Human Behavior: Jefferson C. Knighton and Daniel C. Murrie-University of Virginia/Marcus T. Boccaccini and Darrel B. Turner-Sam Houston State University; 2014 American Psychological Association 2014, Vol. 38, No. 3, 293–304 ————————————————————————————————————————— “Many sexually violent predator (SVP) laws are ambiguous regarding the degree of re-offense risk that would indicate that an offender is sufficientlyContinue reading “How Likely Is “Likely To Reoffend” in Sex Offender Civil Commitment Trials?”

The Dobbs Wire:  Videos! 

The videos are now online from a remarkable conference at Metro State University in St. Paul, MN, on April 8th.  An annual event devoted to mass incarceration matters, organizers made a big shift by dedicating this year’s conclave to sexual violence and the scandalous Minnesota Sex Offender Program (MSOP).  By various measures MSOP is the worstContinue reading “The Dobbs Wire:  Videos! “

Building a Forgiving Society

VERDICT: JOSEPH MARGULIES; MAY 2, 2022  ________________________________________________________________________ I am hard at work on a new book. It begins at the end. It imagines we have created a world that is considerably more forgiving than our own. Where society has neither the right nor the inclination to treat a human being as a monster, indelibly brandedContinue reading “Building a Forgiving Society”