GUEST BLOG #7 by a Resident at the Texas Civil Commitment Center; Sept. 29, 2021 I have some great news for fellow Texans. Governor Greg Abbott is going to eliminate rape from Texas. He hasn’t discussed his superpower that is going to predetermine potential rapist, yet, but he has promised to get all rapists offContinue reading “SEGMENT 7 – STAGNANT”

Punitive Treatment: The Oxymoron of Civil Commitment

His birthday was this week. He spent it in a cell; metal bed, concrete floor, locked door. He ate the food they gave him, not a fancy dinner followed by a birthday cake. No one sang. It was like any other day spent back there in SMU; just like any other day since he’s arrivedContinue reading “Punitive Treatment: The Oxymoron of Civil Commitment”

A Detainee’s First-Hand Account During the Pandemic

Written by a Current Inmate at TCCC; July 10, 2021 ___________________________________________________ Sitting on the edge of a small town, in the middle of a dirt field lies an old prison operating under the disguise of a treatment facility. Nothing could be farther from the truth.  Texas Civil Commitment is something that so many people knowContinue reading “A Detainee’s First-Hand Account During the Pandemic”

Restricted Communication

Written by Former TCCO Employee; July 9, 2021 ___________________________________________________  Imagine all the people you speak to every day. Do you call them on the phone? Or maybe you get cards and letters in the mail on special occasions, birthdays, or anniversaries. When you made the phone call to one of your family members, did youContinue reading “Restricted Communication”

Let Freedom Ring

Former TCCC Employee; July 4, 2021 ___________________________________________________ Happy 4th of July y’all!       We all have our different ways of celebrating this holiday and we probably have different ideas of what it means or what it symbolizes to us. The significance of the day is Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence on July 4,Continue reading “Let Freedom Ring”


GUEST BLOG #6 by a Resident at the Texas Civil Commitment Center; May 18, 2021 On May 13, 2021 the 24th “Resident” under the care of TCCO and MTC has died.  Darrell Holt fell out in the hallway and died within 30 minutes.  It’s easy to dismiss the death of someone who has committed atrocitiesContinue reading “SEGMENT 6 – GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN”


Submitted by a Current Resident of TCCC Texas Health and Safety Code Chapter 841 -the Civil Commitment of Sexually Violent Predators Chronology of events:  Legislation enacted September 1999 without public vote.  Appointed 435th District Court Montgomery County, Tx and Judge Michael T.Seiler.  About 350 Civil Commitment out-patient treatment and supervision final-judgments.  Removed Judge Michael T.Continue reading “LABELED FOR DISCARD”