Restricted Communication

Written by Former TCCO Employee; July 9, 2021 ___________________________________________________  Imagine all the people you speak to every day. Do you call them on the phone? Or maybe you get cards and letters in the mail on special occasions, birthdays, or anniversaries. When you made the phone call to one of your family members, did youContinue reading “Restricted Communication”

Let Freedom Ring

Former TCCC Employee; July 4, 2021 ___________________________________________________ Happy 4th of July y’all!       We all have our different ways of celebrating this holiday and we probably have different ideas of what it means or what it symbolizes to us. The significance of the day is Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence on July 4,Continue reading “Let Freedom Ring”


GUEST BLOG #6 by a Resident at the Texas Civil Commitment Center; May 18, 2021 On May 13, 2021 the 24th “Resident” under the care of TCCO and MTC has died.  Darrell Holt fell out in the hallway and died within 30 minutes.  It’s easy to dismiss the death of someone who has committed atrocitiesContinue reading “SEGMENT 6 – GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN”


Submitted by a Current Resident of TCCC Texas Health and Safety Code Chapter 841 -the Civil Commitment of Sexually Violent Predators Chronology of events:  Legislation enacted September 1999 without public vote.  Appointed 435th District Court Montgomery County, Tx and Judge Michael T.Seiler.  About 350 Civil Commitment out-patient treatment and supervision final-judgments.  Removed Judge Michael T.Continue reading “LABELED FOR DISCARD”


Submitted by a Former MTC Employee and sent to the D.C. NAACP I am writing this email to bring awareness to a state-run program called Texas Civil Commitment. Twenty states have civil commitment for convicted sex offenders, but my focus is the facility located in the state of Texas due to my previous employment thereContinue reading “WASHINGTON BUREAU of the NAACP”


Submitted by a Former MTC Employee There are some benefits to living in a small town. You really meet a lot of people and recognize them when you see them in other places. This was so true when I went to work as an officer at Texas Civil Commitment Center-TCCC in 2018.                                                                I have alwaysContinue reading “SMALL TOWN EMPLOYEES”

“If I only knew then what I know now…”

Former TCCO Employee; April 15, 2021 __________________________________________________ “If I only knew then what I know now”……this is a statement some of us know all too well, including me. Two and a half years and hundreds of hours later I find myself thinking this exact thought. Absolutely nothing was known about Texas Civil Commitment when IContinue reading ““If I only knew then what I know now…””


GUEST BLOG #5 by a Resident at the Texas Civil Commitment Center; 04-16-2021 ___________________________________________________ Every time Marsha McLane has the opportunity to punish all of us for the actions of a very few, it becomes abundantly clear that she can’t make sound decisions for us.  Treatment is touted as individualized, when in fact it isContinue reading “SEGMENT 5 – AN AX TO GRIND”


GUEST BLOG #4 by a Resident at the Texas Civil Commitment Center; April 4, 2021 Greetings friends and supporters!  According to Senator Whitmire as quoted in Houston and San Antonio newspapers, on the subject of the recent revelations that Marsha McLane was married to and had children with, a man who committed multiple sex offensesContinue reading “SEGMENT 4 – WHAT’S GOOD FOR THE GOOSE”