“Stop This Terrible Program”

My son, Rodney D. Pollard, was released from TDCJ January 24, 2015, one day before serving his entire sentence of 20 years. As a sex offender, he had completed sex offender rehabilitation therapy at the Hightower unit near Dayton Texas. This program has been wonderfully successful, with a recidivism rate of only about 3%, forContinue reading ““Stop This Terrible Program””


Richard A. Dunsmore, TCCC Resident # 06526120  TEXAS CIVIL COMMITMENT CENTER Bill Clayton Detention Center  2600 South Sunset Avenue Littlefield, Texas 79339  Dear Public Officials and Other Interested Parties,  Invidious discrimination, bigotry, and civil oppression of any type should be intolerable! The unlawful banishment of American Citizens, under the pretext of public safety is unconstitutional! Continue reading “MODERN DAY ENSLAVEMENT/CIVIL COMMITMENT SCHEME FOR PROFIT in the STATE OF TEXAS”


GUEST BLOG: Segment 1 I don’t want to ride the coattails of any political movements taking place now, but the point is, ALL LIVES! MATTER!  It’s hard to know where to start in blogging about one of the biggest shams in recent history.  Because there is so much information, I’m going to break it downContinue reading “CHRONICLES OF THE HOPELESSLY COMMITTED”

Informant Tells All-Bleak at Best

While visiting with a current employee at the Littlefield TCCC, the employee almost immediately said there are “many who need to be released”.  The informant shared that the administration is very short staffed. In fact, went on to say that it is the worst they have ever seen it. The informant works 16 hour daysContinue reading “Informant Tells All-Bleak at Best”

Deplorable Conditions and CoVid-19

My brother is in the Littlefield Texas Civil Commitment facility. He was working in the kitchen when he came in contact with a free world worker with Covid-19 in early August. He has been in quarantine with other kitchen workers since that time. He just recently tested positive on September 13th and has been lockedContinue reading “Deplorable Conditions and CoVid-19”

A Resident’s Pandemic Timeline

**This information was obtained from a resident in the facility. It is copied in its entirety. MARCH 2020: Began a 23 hour lockdown to promote social distancing. This does not include reduction in group size or frequency. Visitation discontinued completely. 3 hours twice a week (12 residents and 1 therapist in a 18×24 ft. room)Continue reading “A Resident’s Pandemic Timeline”