A Resident’s Pandemic Timeline

**This information was obtained from a resident in the facility. It is copied in its entirety. MARCH 2020: Began a 23 hour lockdown to promote social distancing. This does not include reduction in group size or frequency. Visitation discontinued completely. 3 hours twice a week (12 residents and 1 therapist in a 18×24 ft. room)Continue reading “A Resident’s Pandemic Timeline”

“My Wish is for Someone to See This and Stop the Madness.”

by CURRENT RESIDENT at TCCC I got out of prison on March 29, 2013. I went to the Ben Reed facility and three-quarter house. During the family session with Dr. Nicholas Ed, he began to bully my wife by saying, “If you truly loved your husband, you’d follow my orders and be here in HoustonContinue reading ““My Wish is for Someone to See This and Stop the Madness.””