Informant Tells All-Bleak at Best

While visiting with a current employee at the Littlefield TCCC, the employee almost immediately said there are “many who need to be released”. 

The informant shared that the administration is very short staffed. In fact, went on to say that it is the worst they have ever seen it. The informant works 16 hour days and said that many people talk about quitting on a daily basis.

“It’s been horrible since CoVid,” said the informant. The informant said that no plans were in place in case CoVid were to actually hit the facility. So it was naturally a mess when a woman in the kitchen tested positive for CoVid. Nothing has changed, so the same thing is happening now. The entire facility is on lockdown due to a man in HR and an officer testing positive. Residents are quarantined in cells with other residents, and no one is allowed outside for recreation time. MTC took over the medical services on Sept. 1. The informant shared, “It is a mess!” Sick calls from residents aren’t answered. Pills aren’t ordered or passed out. Residents go days and weeks without medication.

If a resident says they feel like harming himself, they are immediately to be placed on CDO (Constant Direct Observation). “They take their time lately,” said the informant. The informant said that depending on the resident, it could take them even longer to get there for some residents. “An hour here, an hour there. Depends on RS or who is in charge that day,” stated the informant. This flies in the face of taking care of the residents, especially considering suicide attempts this summer and then one actual suicide. 

How can a facility that is designed to treat sex offenders be running rampant with what the informant referred to as, “TONS of sexual harassment”.  The informant said there was a chief in security that was demoted because she wouldn’t agree to what the male in administration was suggesting.  

The turnover rate makes it hard for people to do a good job too. MTC has had FIVE chiefs of security since May of 2019. They have resigned, been fired, or demoted. The therapists change constantly. They can’t keep anyone. “The MTC administrators don’t give a shit about the officers or the residents because they come from TDCJ”. 
Taxpayer dollars in the multi-million dollar range are funding what you just read. Care of the residents is atrocious and ineffective in the short and long term. In fact, this informant clearly describes that their mental and physical well-being are at stake! Private management of this facility is designed for one thing that all for-profit businesses have in common-making a profit, not treating people.

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